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Feel abit useless atm


Hi people!just wanted 2 see if any1 else is feeling the same atm..last night for no reason just started crying and I never cry so that's weird for me.feel abit of a let down as every1 is at work etc and cause of this anxiety it's holding me back and just feel pathetic!ive seen a doctor and they have given me 2 weeks off work,got 1 week 2 go now before I go back to see if I need medication or counciling.im going for walks each day along the beach and cleaning my flat but that isit!i don't wana go back 2 work as I'm stressed there but atm I feel like I couldn't work any where! Trying to think positive but anxiety gets in the way!luckily I've got a great family and bf! And my boss hasn't put pressure on me.but I feel I need 2 get better to go back to work more then to get better for myself!sorry gone on abit here. Xx

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No worries, i kinda went through the same thing. When i finally caved in and stopped going to work i thought i might never make it back. Luckily my boss is understanding like yours seems to be, he's quite happy for me to take it slow and if i have to miss a day or leave early he's fine with it. Don't worry about work until you have spoken to the doctor again. If you have a good doctor he should sign you off until either you have medication or some therapy lined up. I couldn't go back before i had some sort of crutch to lean on i.e meds.

Good Luck :)

Hi porgie. I feel exactly the same I have been crying since 7am this morning and just can't seem to get it under control. I tried to ring the doctors as I haven't actually told them yet about my problems but they only have emergency appointments left! Just think you have lots of supportive family around you and a loving bf! Work is work and you need to make sure you are happy and healthy first! X

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Mpc you are an emergency in that you don't want to wait & see for an appt tomorrow.

please ring & go.


Hey,I have been through this all before when I was 16,and it took me so long to get over it.but now I'm older I'm trying to fight it so it doesn't take over my life!easier said then done.lol yes my boss said I can come back part time when I feel ready,as u said u need something to help as no way could I go back to work feeling like I do.have tried 4 times going back to work and had to leave early as couldn't handle it which has put me off going back major! Thanks for ur reply!

Mpc611 thanks for ur reply!how are u feeling apart from ur crying?u have to let all the tears out as its worse to bottle it up,take some deep breaths in and out or go 4 a walk I find that clears my head or put on ur favourite song and laugh!it sounds bit weird but it works!agree r health is the most important spose we all Got to take 1 step at a time!x

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good advice there Porge :)

I hope you feeling a little easier now.

you are in no way pathetic,

it takes time to get better.

the right medication helps,

I think maybe you should go back now to see your gp for the new meds and to arrange counselling.



Well I could the doctors back because I decided it was time to take action. And I have an appointment in 50 mins feeling super nervous as I'm not sure if they are just going to laugh me out of the place as the reception was really funny with me when she asked what my emergency was. My main symptoms are things like not being able to sleep, headaches, I keep having itching attacks to the point I have now caused blisters on my arms and rashes down my legs. A big concern for me is that I work for my parents so I'm scared it looks like I'm taking he mick not going into work because they are my parents, I haven't worked for them for long because I lefty last job in January due to anxiety and being bullied whilst there (I hate that word but in truth that's what they did to me) how did your doctor respond porgie? X

You will be fine!the 1st step is seing a doctor,as from then on it can only get better mpc611.im sure ur parents will be fine just sit down with them and explain how u r feeling :) my doctor was good they have written me off work for 2 weeks then I have an appointment week 2day for a review on how I'm doing and what I have to do next.let me no what ur doctor says x and thanks Sandra for ur advice x

Hi porgie and Sandra I'm so glad I took your advice I went to the doctor and he was lovely! Really made me feel a little bit normal. He has put me on anti depressants and betablockers and signed me off for two weeks, he has also printed some info on CBT and asked that I go away and read it and let him know if I would like to be referred. I have spoken to my family today and they seem very understanding. I'm not sure my partner understands he's persistent that something happens to set it off and I don't feel like there is, finding it really difficult explaining it to him. How are you feeling now porgie? How has your day been? X

Hey,aww well done that's good news about the doctors and ur family,and with ur bf he will understand just takes time,as long as he is there for u that's all u will need,yea I'm ok 2day thanks had a friend over and had a good chat,just gona go for a walk to clear my head aswell.just looking foward to what the doc does/says Tuesday.what is cbt tho?is that counciling or hypnotherapy sorta thing?could u in lighting me please?how ru 2day?x

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