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Something is working !

Morning everyone, my positive good mood seems to be lasting :) I really think the St Johns Wort has taken the edge of my anxiety/ depression. I am also taking Omega complex capsules and I really good multi vitamin.

Of course blogging here is really keeping me focused, and I am putting some of my previous CBT course into action again. I had a little wobble last night when I heard noise outside but it only lasted a minute. The real test will be when something stressful actually happens.

I am having lunch with a friend today, then back to work tomorrow. I connected my wii fit back up again so looking forward to doing some dance moves later :)

Sending smiles and hugs to everyone xxx

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Hey babe thats wonderful i am not doing too bad either i hate admitting it cos when i do it seems to hit me like a ton of bricks the next day but have been ok last couple of days what are them St Johns Wort like and can you take them with meds wouldnt mind giving them a bash hun if you are feeling on top of the world thanks hun :) xxxxxxx


Tara, hi, Have you got a noise phobia of some sort? So have I. What is it like for you?


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