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Something else to worry about.


Since coming down with stress and anxiety I went to the doctors. had kept getting stomach problems. Done a sample and came back with bacterial stomach bug. Two lots of antibiotics and it's still there panic every time I eat as the pain afterwards is horrible. I no some of it is anxiety as I stress every time I eat . Went back today and have been referred to have a camera down. With my negative thinking can't help thinking the worst. But they are looking for ulcers or perfected lining. When will it ever end.

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Hello :-)

I know what you mean when it feels like it is one thing after another and as if we don't have enough on our plates trying to deal with anxiety without other things coming along to make it even worse and when they do our anxiety is over the moon because it can keep a right hold of us but we have to get things into perspective and sometimes we need help to do that :-)

So you have had a nasty infection which is not un common that it needed more than one course of antibiotics and as you have said your anxiety has added to it to

It is procedure all the time now that if we complain a few times to the Doctor about stomach issues they send us for the camera down to have a look , it does not mean that they think there is anything major wrong it is just as I said procedure

You may well have ulcers which if you had can be treat or it may be like so many of us with anxiety you have a nervous stomach which is causing all the issues

I have had it done twice both times it was down to anxiety , I was so worked up I was and still don't sometimes digest my food correctly causing issues

I know it is not easy to stop your mind from doing over time but try because you will kick yourself once you have been and it turns out you have worried for nothing and I bet when you have been reassured which by going will do that your stomach will settle down :-)

Meanwhile try and eat small amounts , nothing to rich or spicy and when I was at my worse I would eat while watching TV as it would distract me from thinking about eating :-)

You say will it never end yes it will , life has it's up's and downs but your up's will be round the corner , I say we have to have our down's so we can appreciate the up's :-/

You did not say when you could be having it done but keep posting while you need support and let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

Cas2802 in reply to lulu-1

Thanks for your lovely reply. It's seems I'm making food my enemy. Have changed my diet. But every time it's tea time I start to panic myself. I can't get an appointment until January. So called back the Drs and was advised to ask if any private hospitals take on NHS patients. Luckily they do so waiting to hear. Thank you once again for putting more at ease. X

lulu-1 in reply to Cas2802

Hello again :-)

O goodness January that is no good , especially when we have anxiety !

One positive thing though from that is that if they really thought it was life threatening they would have you in before then , having said that I know it would make you so ill having to wait that long so I think if you can afford it , it will be money well spent getting it done private , I will keep fingers crossed they will take you on they usually do and you get it done asp :-)

How about and maybe a crazy idea but could you try and have your main meal at dinner time rather than tea time ?

It is just these anxiety minds of ours get a fear usually at a certain time of the day and we can trick them by swapping what we fear to a different time , it maybe worth a try

If you are not eating it will make matters worse as your poor stomach will not have enough food to line it and as you have just had an infection it no doubt will be sore and needs that protection so if you could try and see food not as an enemy but something that your stomach needs to help heal it that may work ?

Little and often would maybe be the best way to go to make a start and also as your stomach will be getting used to having little food remember that when you do start eating it will react because it is not used to it

We make a lot of acid to which can be painful and if you are not eating enough this makes the acid worse because you have nothing in you to absorb it , I think you might be picking up I have had a lot of stomach issues :-/

Tomorrow maybe try and make some changes at what time you eat , I hope you can :-)

Let us know if you manage to and keep in mind food won't be your enemy but your anxiety and fear :-) x

Having an endoscopy is a good thing, they'll take biopsies to see if a certain bug called pylori ???? is present, it used to cause ulcers until it was discovered that antibiotics stop it in its tracks. The chances of anything more serious are extremely small, honestly not worth worrying about. It's good to remember that Claire Weekes claimed that the stomach is the organ in the body most sympathetic to anxiety so if they don't find anything except maybe a bit of inflamation don't be surprised.

The endoscopy is no big deal, they spray your throat with banana flavoured anasthetic and ask if you want a tranquilliser. After taking the biopsy your stomach is a bit uncomfortable but that only lasts a couple of days.

A tea made from thinly sliced ginger root and boiling water then left to get luke warm and drunk is good for stomach ache. Good luck.

Cas2802 in reply to Jeff1943

I'm sending you heart felt thanks Jeff. You truly are a lovely person for commenting and making me feelmore at ease. Xx

Jefner in reply to Cas2802


Similar situation to you. Stress and anxiety causes havoc with the gut and digestive system. I suspect you may well have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and possibly Candida overgrowth as I do. I would get tested for both and then work with a Functional Medicine Practitioner to heal your gut. Just treating with anti-biotics is the worst thing you can do because they destroy every bit of good bacteria in your gut and you will end up worse off. You will need a decent probiotic as well after antibiotics. Your standard doc knows nothing about gut health unfortunately.

I get very anxious at mealtimes as well because I have bad nausea from the anxiety, both of which are classic symptoms of SIBO

Cas2802 in reply to Jefner

I've been worse since being on all the tablets. This has all come on since the anxiety. Thanks for taking time to reply to me.x

Jefner in reply to Cas2802


No probs hon I just spotted your posts when I was browsing so thought I would offer something because we are very similiar and I have had anxiety for many many years. I really do think you should do a private test for SIBO and Candida, stress and anxiety and antibiotics can cause it; it's very common and not even my GP knows about SIBO but it's rife. Have a read up hon. I gave up with my Dr's helping me and go it alone now. In fact I have taught my Dr about my thyroid problems, nutrition, you name it, they just haven't got a clue about the basics and please don't rely on them either. They find it too easy just to fob you off with a script which does NOT get to the root of the problem.

Hi Cas ... great responses you've received ❤️️.

I'd gone through hell in my personal life, my partner left me after I started getting physically unwell from an 'unknown' cause, I was going to have to sell my dream house and find somewhere new to move to, my job/car/generous salary were going to be on the line if I didn't get well ~ and stress / anxiety was mega high and I wasn't able to eat properly ~ and mainly only making a sandwich when I did eat and had to force even that down.

I'd been sent to see a Consultant as I'd private medical insurance through my work. I was given an Endoscopy (throat down) and what was found was, strangely enough, a healed ulcer, which I didn't even know I'd had!

I was on a lot of antibiotics because of the "other" problem was considered to be causing me serious lower back problems, thought to be an intestinal problem/infection, when what I needed at that time was an emergency Hysterectomy of all things.

I was put on all kinds of gastric medications, which didn't work. The Consultant had me in for another Endoscopy ~ nothing but 'inflammation', and I was so fed up with 'conventional medications', that I got a referral from my then very open minded Doc, to the Homeopathic Hospital in Glasgow.

That was a revelation. In the space of a few hours, they'd discovered I'd an horrific allergy to wheat, and all the sandwiches or rare italian pasta meal I had been taking, had made my 'allergy' and bad reactions considerably worse. I stopped eating wheat (and any form of 'soy' which, like wheat, is mainly genetically modified "thing") ~ you'd be surprised what these two things are in ~ and very quickly, having stopped eating these, my gastric problems left me.

No more gastric pills/ medications/antibiotics, and the ability to eat without pain and stress/ anxiety returned, despite the trauma of a house move, the loss of my job / car / salary and then the Hysterectomy and recovery.

The 'phantom health problem' which had been continuously lurking in the background, had nothing to do with my gastric problems, or heavy life stressors and is non-fatal.

It might be worth considering seeing a Naturopath if nothing comes from the Endoscopy, to find out what's affecting your digestion / stomach so badly. ALWAYS make sure they're fully Licensed ~ they have their own regulatory body and are independent from 'Government'.

Stay well clear of the NHS for any gastric problems once you've gone through the basics they have to offer, such as the Endoscopy which you're even having to go 'privately' to get done. quickly.

Generally, Doctors and NHS Dieticians basically haven't the slightest idea about Nutrition (one look at the shape a lot of them are in shows you that!), nor the effects of non-obvious food allergies ~ they're dictated to by Government bodies. Generally, useless. 😡 A friend of mine, attending an NHS Doc and Dietician, went from a healthy but slightly overweight 14.5 stone, and following their advice, he went up to 20 stones, now has diabetes, heart problems, and a host of other slightly less drastic health problems. Unreal.

Unfortunately, he is in denial, and thinks they're looking after his 'best interests'. Now, his blood tests show that he's got major symptoms of having Hypothyroidism, but as his blood tests come back as being 'within range' and his Doc can't read blood tests to save his, or his patient's life, he's not being 'treated' (a modern day scandal!).

Hoping all goes well with the Endoscopy and that your stomach problem is resolved for you. It's a catch-22 that stress / anxiety increases stomach acids and pain and not managing to eat without stress / anxiety, causes more stomach acids and pain. 😭

My thoughts are with you ... look forward to hearing how you get on!

Blessed Be, Barbara xx

Cas2802 in reply to LadyBarb

Thanks so much for your reply. My mind is more at rest after all the comments made .thanks so much. X

All the best Cas ~ I'm sure you'll be okay ~ when will you have a date for your Endoscopy? B xx

Sorry to hear of your issues. Stress and anxiety can cause real problems with our body. I developed IBS off the back of a few years of stress. Can recommend you take a good probiotic and eat a healthy diet to help promote a healthy tummy again. Hope things improve soon x

Cas2802 in reply to Nicki1984

Hi nikki have totally changed my diet and taking probiotics. Xx

Nicki1984 in reply to Cas2802

Great that will help. Hope you get to the bottom of things x

I've gone through similar with eating, swallowing and stomach ache but it was all physical symptoms of anxiety.

Cas2802 in reply to Dahl

I'm sure that this is . Thanks for your reply. X

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