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Me again,listening to Simply Red now,hes not dead by the way,retired to Switzerland I believe,near Lewis Hamilton,tax reasons,I don't have that problem!

Just been thinking how good it would be to be able to meet up with fellow sufferers and have a proper face to face chat.I know some would find this difficult at first but,do you want to beat this anxiety and are you willing to try anything to do so.

Logistically,its not practical as we all live all over the place but,I assume there are clusters of us dotted about.I live in Preston,Lancashire and would love to hear from others local to me.I would also love to hear from any of you with experience of organising such meetings as I have none.That said,I can probably sort a venue in Preston as I have connections in the Church.

So people,any ideas for me,would love to hear from you,come on,together we can defeat this and rather than sit here,lets do something about it not wallow in it!

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Hi ya

I feel the same as you do, be nice to meet with others, I have moved to the south from the north 15 months ago so unfortunately not close to you anymore, if I had been I would be interested, good luck with this xx


Lol what meds are you on, I want some.

It's a lovely thought but I can see the headlines now

Mass panic boke out in a church hall in Preston, no one was injured physically but mental scars were clearly evident. Lol.

I'm only joking, it would be lovely to meet in person and I applaud both your confidence and willingness to arrange a meeting.

I hope you manage to do it

Love and wishing you all the best xxx


Yes that would be a good idea hun for those who live close i am not close though i am from sheff so would be hard for me to get but you could keep me up to date would love to hear how you all get on xxxx


Im in Kent but I would defiantly make a serious effort if nearer.


Had to laugh at the up date of music , you are cheering me up listening to you & the fact this time you said listening to Simply Red ...he is not dead :-D

Keep it up



Best medication there is,laughter.


Your right , I like a good laugh as well :-)


I.m from Scotland,but I would love to meet Cookiepatch,we would laugh all day,how can she possibly have troubles with her sense of humour and the ability to laugh at herself.

And the gasp of horror and panic from me at the thought of meeting up!


Just think though,the panic at the thought of meeting up,then the laughter afterwards which would continue all the way home and beyond.


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