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Worrying about cyst

As far you know my husband and I'm trying for baby and gone through lots of ferilty treatments and have a ultrasound regularly to see how I responded to ferility treatment also I have got pcos so now I've got a undevelopment simple cyst on right ovary due not ovulating either from ferility treatment but I'm pariond what if simple cyst change to cancer?? I'm

Frightened but my anxiety is lots better than before but I only worrying about cyst :-(

Won't it be serious and its very common and it will go away on it own? Gyno told me its unlikely to be cancer and its called in development cyst and will disappear on it own


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Hiya Minnie,

I have poly cystic overies so get cysts coming and going a lot. Trust yr gyne, he's right it'll go away by itself. They're a nuisance but nothing sinister.

Take Care,




Thank you lovely and glad I'm not alone about this, how bad is ur pcos? Mine us just mild and got 3-4 hole in each ovaries but some people have over 30-40 holes in the ovaries. Your right its nothing serious and not cancer? Was worrying cos I'm new to pcos since January but scan never pick pcos for a year til now, maybe its why its mild as its what gyno say. Do u have kids? Did you use treatment or conceive naturally? Nuisance meaning? Big hugs!! Xxxx


Hi Minnie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. (My internet has been playing up.)

I was diagnosed with pcos nearly fifteen years ago. Sometimes it takes a while to get it to show up on the scans (un)fortunately I have other symptoms so they knew what it was. I have other gyne probs, possible endrometriosis, low hormone levels, etc which I'm reliable informed would have made conception difficult. Sadly I've never met anyone I wanted to have chdn with anyway and I wasn't brave enough to go it alone. I'm forty now so I guess that road is closed which makes me very sad.

I meant it was a nuisance because sometimes I get a bigger cyst coming up which is painful although they usually go away by themselves.

Try not to worry. Your gyne sounds very knowledgable and reassuring so try to trust him to guide you through this procedure. Everything will be well.

Lots of Love


Thank you for the info.... Ah I'm so sorry that u never met anyone but I hope your happy?? Maybe one day you will meet a nice guy? Who knows? Yes I will have to trust my gyno! Hugs xx


Hi Minnie,

Try not to worry too much, my OH gets these, they are a nuisance but nothing sinister.

Wishing you all the best with your treatment. Xxx


Cookie.... Nuisance meaning? I'm still learning "L" ha ha so do u mean your DH or your gf? Thank u hun xxx


Lol so much for spell check eh lol xxxx


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