Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed with a cyst (I forget the size exactly, but I know it was measured in millimeters) about 10 months ago. The doctor told me it was nothing to worry about we'll just watch its growth. I asked him if it could be cancer and he said no. Its now 10 months later and my regular doctor ordered another ultrasound because I'm having random pains in my throat again and I'm pretty sure it is cancer all Ive been doing this last night is constantly crying. I cried myself to sleep and woke up crying for the fear that it is cancer. I strongly believe I have thyroid cancer because I was reading some posts online about a lot of people who were diagnosed with a "benign" cyst and ended up being malignant. I probably won't be able to get the ultrasound done until monday and my life feels like hell until I get a proper diagnosis. My body also aches at night time I feel like the cancer has spread ;( I'm terrified and I am living in a world of doom.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that you are going through mental hell. While you can find all sorts of doom and gloom on the internet. Try to remember this, a satisfied customer will tell 3-4 of their friends, but a dis-satisfied customer will tell all of their friends and scream it from the roof-top. What i am saying is that, sure there are some people out there that have been misdiagnosed and that's unfortunate. However, there are many more who have not. The chances that your doctor made the correct diagnosis is far more likely.

    As for your body aches; stress will certianly cause that.

  • Thanks :/ but ill get the body aches literally out of nowhere & im so scared because i would not have throat pain for no reason

  • You are correct, there is a reason. It just doesn't mean it's physical. If you read through the posts you will find hundreds of symptoms people have (including throat pain) that are due to stress and anxiety.

  • I understand what you are saying its just hard to believe its from just anxiety when I found out I had the cyst I was experiencing throat pain

  • Was the cyst ever responsible for the throat pain? A common problem with medicine is that you go along to the doctor for some reason, the doctor orders some tests, and finds out about something. He's 90% sure that this thing doesn't matter, but wants to make sure, so you get stuck having more tests. If you're really unlucky, these tests can reveal other things, and you go round the cycle again.

    Reading your post I wondered if, actually, the throat pain was always driven by anxiety—it's just that when the doctor investigated, it turned up this cyst which you wouldn't normally have known about at all.

  • I'm not sure if the cyst was responsible for throat pain. I'm pretty sure it is because 10 months I did not have anxiety.

  • I have feelings and fear of cancer all the time, not just for myself but for my partner and daughter also. It's not easy to be told to change the way you think it's something you have to do for yourself. But for starters stop googling symptoms. Majority of stories you read online are going to be negative ones. You don't hear of posts of people saying "I found a cyst lump or bump and was certain it's cancer but it wasn't"

    Cancer isn't as common as is portrayed, not to say you don't have it. It's something ive learned to be aware of but not to jump to conclusions.

    Sure, I'll find lumps and bumps or marks on my body from time to time. But the best thing is to say ok, ive found it, take a mental note and check for any growth at regular intervals.

    At least your aware and in tune with your body and if it did happen to be something sinister the sooner it's dealt with the greater the chance of a full recovery.

    Hope this is of some help from a fellow sufferer

  • Thank you its very hard going through this.

  • Hi there this is a typical case of anxiety health anxiety/cancer phobia, I've suffered with this ever since I lost my mum to cancer,every ache pain I get I automatically assume it's cancer this is the worst type of anxiety and we drive yourself to the point where we literally convince ourselves we have it, first of all this is normal although it doesn't seem it at the minute it is,, just try tell yourself it's not cancer I know it's easier said than done..don't let the anxiety control you u grab it by the balls and tell it "do your worst" this will pass babes honest I've had it this morning all because I was sick and couldn't keep off the toilet so I convinced myself it's colon it's bloody evil.sweetheart it's your mind playing nasty tricks on you you will cry all night it's bloody scary and the reason for your thoughts is because it's your worst fear it's probably a lot of people's fears too I know it's mine.just try and occupy yourself to take your mind off the subject. Just remember it will pass xxx

  • Thanks for the support. The only reason im scared like this is because I actually HAVE a cyst otherwise i wouldnt have this anxiety ;( im just waiting for the doctor to tell me the cyst has grown and most likely cancer. ;(

  • Hi Chey, I do also have a small ovarian cyst. I had a check on it recently cos of other Hrt problems. It all appears ok, they are keeping an eye on me now. I also had a breast lump, appears benign after biopsies and scans:) got the all clear last week, thankfully. I now have a check every 3 years, like most women - but obviously i shall keep an eye on lumps and bumps but will not allow myself to get paranoid about it. We have to deal with these things if and when it happens. I am sure your cyst will be fine, just maybe be aware of what you eat & drink, to ease the problems hopefully with your throat. Please be reassured that we on here, are here to listen and offer advice on only our own experiences.

    Take care, Kindest regards, J x

  • Thank you for your support I am glad everything is all clear for you. I just got an ultrasound and the technician said that my cyst is gone. I will still have to discuss the results with my doctor when he receives the results.

  • I can understand your scared babe with a cyst if it is bad news they would phone you and get you in I bet it's a benign cyst babe xxx then your anxiety will pass I do wish you all the very best and I'm sure you will get the good news you been waiting for xxx

  • I really hope so. Thank you ;(

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