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Hi I have had anxiety for most of my life (on and off)I am 68 years of age (that's old)smile,to day i went down Tesco's feeling light headed,and then off to B and Q's,floated round there like a butterfly,I have this small irrational fear of falling but I have been light headed for years and have never fell ,totally illogical I know,but I came home done some gardening,layed some turf and erected a new rotary line for my wife,I am now sitting on the bed,not giving in to anxiety more like a tactical withdrawal (smile) I still have a sense of humour,which on occasion wears a little thin,I have accepted and fought my anxiety for a long time now but the battle still goes on,so to all anxiety sufferer's I say just persevere my friends and carry on regardless(smile)

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Hello, your quiite right......keep calm and carry on as they say. i feel ive been suffering with that light headed feeling for years now, its always worse when im at my most anxious along with fuzzy vision so i feel when i do go out which is never alone, people must think im as drunk as a skunk and that i have just staggered from the pub:).......i wouldnt mind but i dont even drink and cant remember the last time i had a sip. i think we all feel like we have just got off a roller coaster on here so you have deffinatly come to the right place! keep battleing on with us. x


Hi teabag

Good for you , not giving in to anxiety, I am 50 but must say looking at all you have acheived today , you are fitter than me :-D

Your words are very much appreciated & make alot of sense





Thank you whywhy Its not easy as you know in fact it takes so much out of me that I usually rest in the afternoons,but every day is still a bonus and after all its not terminal (smile),I used to look at other people and think to myself I wish I could be like them,but then I thought I am unique anxiety has fine tuned all of my senses and taught me so much about life,so now when it comes its just a friend popping in for a visit,have a lovely evening my friend and take care.


Hi teabag

It was lovely reading your blog and gives encouragement to people like me who sometimes wants to throw the towel in. I have this feeling when i go out that my legs wont carry me and feel like jelly. I intend to take people with me in case i fall over (crazy).

But i congratulate you on not giving into the anxiety and you have done very well.

Thanks for the blog once again.

Take care

Big hugs

Love Seyi xxx


Morning Seyi this I woke up feeling very anxious ,trembling slightly,some days I feel like standing in the toilet and pulling the chain,smile)no honestly its no fun I can assure you,ringing in my ears ,I have been here many times before,I think its because I always feel that I should be doing more,I have cut my medication down to 10mg from 20mg,and my mind is saying that's why I am having a bad start to the day,but then we all look for reasons to blame our anxiety on,well another day to get through(best way I can)I have always had anxiety but when I was a boy they called it a biliousness attack,then about 5 years ago they put a label on me and said Oh you have chronic anxiety,I am sure that it got worse from that day(smile)anyway have a good day and do the best you can my friends,Take care from teabags


Hang on I'm not finished yet(smile)I am just going over the shop to get the papers for Mrs Teabags another little venture for Yours Truly,and then take my little dog penny out after all why should she miss her walk,none of this is her fault,in actual fact its not anyone's fault its just how it is,I have to visit my osteopath this morning and I am really looking forward to that(only joking)see you later my volunteers of the Anxiety army.Take care


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