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Chemical reaction

Hi guys, so here's my story

. A friday night in July 2012 it kicked off quite badly, I was at the movies with a friend when the palpitations got really bad, very anxious and restless watching from around half way through, earlier in the night I'd drank two cups of coffee which wasn't usual, and of course no dinner, felt uneasy on the walk from the movie and very thirsty, like I needed a sugary drink, so of course grabbed a coke, about an hour later my heart was racing, tried to sleep, no hope went for a walk, heart pumping out of my chest and started to feel pins and needles in my right hand side, arm, foot etc. friend and went to casualty, 6 hours later after ECG all ok, down to caffeine and stress (my gran passed away two weeks earlier) since then a whiff of caffeine kicks me off, can't drink anything with. Saw the doctor, advised on short term meds, to regulate heart beat, fine whilst on meds one month.

Christmas Eve same thing again, only chest felt like being crushed, couldn't breath etc. the doctor told me about yoga exercises which I tried to do the beginners Nz course on YouTube, and has made me more aware of my breathing; in general! The breath process is something we take for granted but controlled by of thoughts?

Something that an anxiety reacts too, the breath. I remember from watching tv that the first thing a child learns is to breath, (the underwater birth) and when stressed they breath deeply, which I've noticed myself missing, as my thoughts are taking over my owns body's performance... Breathing is more important than thought of course but sometimes not out, 1st priority, anyway I've been doing it at home and am thinking, as I do too much, about joining a class, seems to help a little so if I increase the sessions, maybe it will help a lot :-).

I've just took a week off work to relax and have been more dedicated to a routine of breathing/yoga exercises, which have helped only problem is am back at work, stressed again and up at 5.30 typing this! I'm determined to beat this and, learning good eating patterns, fresh food, and no alcohol. I don't know if this analogy is worth a thought, but our body's are like trees, the rings in out skeleton are made up from our life, throughout time, so deposits of our consumption are in our body's hence emotional attachment from history, to food, drink, treats are all in our system.

Our body's crave what it hasn't got and to much I'm sure leads to a reaction of chemicals, we are supposed to be 66% water?! I can't crave something I've not tasted, as my body doesn't know what it is, right? Hence time to take control. I don't want to be on medication all my life and I'm convinced that if my body's learnt or adapted to this state, I need a way to reprogramme it, and I'm on the search....

Peace and inner happiness

le' Audiman

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How are you,do you think that caffeine plays a major role in anxiety,i drink a lot of coffee, an addiction if you like,it has replaced alcohol for me and I find it hard to cut down.Do you think this could be the issue,your thoughts interest me,thank you.


caffine is a stimulant and will contribute massively to a anxiety disorder. try caffine free coffee to start with if you struggling to cut it out. if you drink lots of coffee you will definitely feel the benefits! Best of luck x x


Hi Castelnaudry, just posted today... Has been a while but I've more time on my hands now.

In my case caffeine was an accelerator, however it effects us at the times when I've had a really bad day, I've found the caffeine didn't help. I've a bean to cup machine at home and I'm using decaf beans, I love the taste of coffee and this is the best alternative, but there is definitely a difference, one I'm willing to sacrifice for my physical reaction it causes.

One step at a time :-)


Well done Audiman,

Like me you are trying to find a natural way to combat this.

I'm taking a whole new approach to life and have turned a little 'hippyish' according to my family.

I don't care so long as i am chilled and not stressed. We'll have to see how it goes. I can't do the whole yoga thing though its like the mindfull ness, it sent my thoughts into a right tizzy. Too intense for my liking :- /

In response to your comment Castel. I have eliminated caffine from my diet totally and am trying very hard to avoid artificial sweetners too as i has heard these can contribute to anxiety. I used to drink just under 2 litres of pepsi max a day (on average) and have cut that cut completely. I drink water or decaff coffee at work (a cup or two) and i drink orange juice and water at home.

I am still trying to cut down on the alcohol but i cant give up EVERYTHING i love- surely.

I think also that maybe its that whole placebo taboo. Maybe i am feeling better because i think i should?

Oh well enough thinking, i'll get on with it and see how it goes :-D


It is a well known facta that caffeine increases anxiety. I cut all mine out and now drink camomile or green tea, something I never thought I would do, but I enjoy it now. I have a great relaxation CD that I listen to everyday and also try and go to yoga once a week. I find deep breathing does help, especially at night. I sit propped up by pillows and breathe deeply, seems to help calm me down. All good wishes for your new journey, i do hope that it helps you. keep us informd. Thanks.


Wow, go get 'em Audiman, that sounds so positive.

Yoga is great, and breathing techniques, I too am careful with my food and drink, and I think it does help balance our blood suger levels throughout the day.

Have you tried doing any mindfullness ? like the breathing, its all about letting go of control of things, as sometimes we can get too mixed up in extreme views/ideas and that can bring on anxiety aswell.

Just like your breathing, we just look at the breathing, we dont try and breath, our body does it anyway, we observe it, allow it space, I put in some loving kindness aswell as I think Anxiety people tend to be too hard on themselves, and this gives me alot, and helps with relaxing, letting go.

I've found it to be very challenging, however it does put me back in my place when I go off on one of my extreme ideas.

Thanks for your very inspiring post,

with love


Thanks for all the posts, it's been 3 months from I was last on here and I've joined the gym as well in April, lost half a stone in the exercise phase of just burning calories and trying to focus on the exercise, which is a great mind blocker along with the yoga. I have to say I've found myself slipping from the practise as I was doing it at home, so have joined a class to help keep things going.

I was dismissed from my job two weeks ago and slipped into a depressive mode, not as anxious as I was so am not sure if its because of more exercise or less stress from not working.

I've worked full time from I left school at 17, I'm now 35 so it was and still is a shock. I just need to focus on the future and make it as happy as possible. Happiness is the key but its difficult when you have no direction. My friends are great, but I've not shared any feelings with them as I'm the typical bloke, but I find it hard to talk about my feelings generally.

Today I woke up from a rotten nights sleep, about three hours or so with one of the worst throat infections I can remember, got out of bed and bought all the throat care stuff I could find, now I plan on going back to bed and taking all possible to get rid of it as this is my enemy for the minute and I'm determined to fight back, one step at a time! The tree's have bloomed and the sun is out for the minute so I will enjoy the best of a Manky Monday, blues and all... Bring it on!


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