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Quick update

Hi all.

Just to let you all know I have not deserted the site,in fact quite the opposite.I log on every day to see how everyone is doing and although I dont write blogs you all still help me with you comments.I have just finnished a course of self help therapy and it was very helpfull,I was lucky to get it so quickly as I've heard of people waiting a long while to get help.Anyway although I'm doing all right I still have episodes of anxiety but I am now able to control them better with breathing exersise and little tips I was given both on my course and on this great site.Will keep in touch


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Hi Kenny, pleased to hear you found the course helpful a d gained some useful tips. Feel proud of yourself that you went out and found help. I think a lot of us will always have episodes, but like yourself, will one day find a way to manage and control them better.


Thanks Kaz it may take a while but I know I will get better.


Great - continue to be positive

It is hard sometimes!



wondered whether I was the only one in the world to feel so miserable and desperate sometimes.

It is of some consolation that I am not the only one and there are people out there a lot worse off than me. These headaches and numbness in my ears are not just affecting me!!

My misery came late in life after losing my beloved dad and then damaging my back which made me immobile for while. I am still recovering from a major back op and cannot walk very far. This awful weather does not help people like us!!!


Hi sorry you are feeling low at the moment. It's very miserable when you are immobile, and operations and illness bring on the depression and anxiety.

Maybe when the clocks go forward, this weekend, the nights will be lighter and maybe we will get some summer days/nights, here's hoping.

I actually don't mind the cold, it's the rain and darkness I don't like.

I hope you feel better soon. Eunicex


A like mind - you are right, we can wrap up against the cold and when the evenings are bit lighter and the weather gets a bit warmer, I am sure that will help.

Thank you for your support,



Hi Kenny

Thats great news , i am so pleased for you :-)

Yes keep using the site , we would miss you if you didnt





Hi Kenny

So pleased to hear that your doing well and my counsellor told me breathing exercises will help with feeling dizzy and being light headed. I have recently started doing this.

So glad to hear of your progress thats the great thing about this site everyone cares.

Hugs Seyi xxx


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