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Been to the DOC

I have just returned from the doc where i spilled the beans on my symptoms and how ive been feeling over the past few months. He confirmed my physical and mental problems were anxiety related. They stem from caring foe my wife who has progressive Ms. I was glad it wasnt a physical medical problem but he didnt offer much on the mental side. I dont want deugs so ita down to a regime of excersise making time for myself and talking through my problems with other carers. We shall see how i get on.

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Hi ham

So glad you have been to the Doctors at least you can now focus on what you have( anxiety ) as you know we are all here to help listen and encourage this site is great and the people are genuine.

Unfortunately Doctors do not know so much about mental health yet there are so many sufferers. My therapist is more understanding and can relate than the GP. Looking after your wife is a hard task especially when your not feeling hundred percent yourself but i am sure as you feel better it will be less stressful.

I am so glad you went and i wish you luck.

Keep posting as we are all here for each other and talking does help.

Best Wishes


Seyi xxx


Thank u for ur support. I am just amazed how the body and mind reacte to daily stress. I just wish the govrnment would appreciate carers. I left a 50k post to look after my wife and now i receive £59 per week. Not to worry i will keep posting and will try and support other people on the site. Thanks again


Talking lines communcation via internet and carers community.


hi Ham, Im pleased you went to see the gp, and at least he has confirmed for you that your symptoms are anxiety. talking will help, and especially with other careers, as Im sure you may all have some of the same problems and worries and be able to help each other. and it is important to take some time out for yourself. Even though you are a carer you are still a person in your own right and have needs and wants that still need to be met. if you have a break from time to time Im sure you will fell better in yourself.


It's such a good idea talking things through with other carers. I know times are tough for you you but I hope that other carers can give you some advice.


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