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I am 35 year women, who had truamtic childhood, I had own lanuage for few year age 6-8 year old. I have dyslexic, crohns disease and have suffer from depression frpm aged 9 year on and off. I have 3 daughters and partner.

Recently I have notice that having diffcult with speech, forget the word or uses a wrong and blurr slightly. I have stress like everyone their in life.

Not sure if just me or not?

I have had lots about 2007/08 and had not problem in speech.

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hi, when im really really stressed and tierd my speech goes all over the place and it worries me like when i get my words mixed up in the sentence. my boyfriend laughs but it really worries me but find its better when im relaxed. if you get that worried over it go and have a chat to your docter, dont sit worrying about it for hours. x


Hi there and welcome, my partner has dyslexia and she too during times of stress, anxiety or just over excited, has trouble with her speech. I can't talk to strangers or on the phone as it stresses me out and words don't make sense. It's like my mouth can't keep up with my brain.

Your children and your partner love you for who you are so don't be too hard on yourself xxx keep posting and let us all know how you are. We do care xxx


Thank you for comments, Debts I am getting here slow.


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