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Upbeat today, but not yesterday

I was reading my blog from earlier and I released it sounded quite upbeat( for me ) and I got to thinking if I had joined this community yesterday I would have written a very different post.

Yesterday I was paralysed by fear, I couldn't eat, think, do anything but sleep. I was living on Lames Quiet Life pills and crying for no reason, I even told my husband I was 'having a sad day' and I have to be bad before I tell him. So why an improvement today, I found this site which was a positive step, I talked myself through my fears, and thought back on other times that I have been fearful, thought the worst but the worst didn't happen. I went for a walk, and tried to make a deal with myself that I wouldn't live my life around my fear. I don't know if I can stick to this, but I want to try.

I have also been nice to my husband today because my sadness can bring him down and on the whole he is more positive than me. And now the moment of truth, why am I feeling better today, because there is no noise next door....

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who knows? we go up and down like yoyos. or maybe all those quite life pills and finerlly kicked it? are they any good? it is strange how we can go from singing while bathing the dog to the next day of crying and struggling to do the simplest of things.....well thats me anyway. have you tried any meds?


Hi Sam, I think Quiet Life take the edge of a bit, but that might just be wishful thinking. I have tried meds twice in the past and they didn't work for me. I am having a very up/ down day, got of to a good start even visited my parents then came home and felt the sadness kicking in again. I know my mistake I started looking on a houses for sale website, dreamt about moving and then reality kicked and I realised I can't afford to move. I'm going off on one again so I will stop and do something positive.

I hope your day is going better. X


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