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Do I need to see my gp

I have big anxiety issues and I worry about things all the time. It all started when I was abused from the age of 15 to 16. Followed by horrid relationships and a mother with mental health issues. My boyfriend has recently left because I just cannot be happy and he along with my 13 year old daughter are the only things I had left in life. I feel so sad and scared struggle to get up and behave like an average person. HELP!

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Hi Marley

I think it would be a very good idea to go & see your GP , they are very good & do understand & there is so much they can do now , if it be meds or counselling , but from what you say about your past , which I am sorry you had to go through , it would be a huge help to you

Try to be reassured the way you feel is normal when suffering from anxiety & even though I no me saying dont be scared might not help at the moment , no you are not on your own in how you feel

This will get better & you will move on from how you feel , it takes time & little steps & by joining the site is your first one & going to GP would be two big steps you would have taken towards feeling better , so well done hun

Welcome & let us know how you go on , keep posting it helps





Thanks for replying. I have tried counseling on and off from the age of sixteen and it really helped me to see I'm not to blame, also to see how my mothers illness had made me insecure and anxious about what the future holds! It helped me to see how I came to behaving the way I do and why I get so anxious and scared.

Counseling helped so much I understand the causes but it doesn't help the ongoing problems I face. I'm so fed up with living the effects of other people's behavior towards me or the ways it has imprinted on my own behavior and the ways

In which i deal with circumstances I'm so desperate for the happiness I deserve. Every time I think I'm making progress something else crops up !

I'm worried about taking medication I don't want to put a band aid on it and have to deal with later on down the road. I don't want to be lonely anymore end up like my mother. which I finally cut out of mine And my daughters life last Xmas after I finally realized I couldn't help her and she was having a huge damaging effect on our lives.

I have no family and only one friend and my daughter. Will I ever rid this terrible sad life ? X


Its good you have had counselling & I can see it has helped you to see alot of things about whats happened etc

There are all sorts of different counselling , to help you with your self estem etc , so could be worth asking , it can take people several attempts

I no you say you dont want to take meds , some people have health anxiety which stands in the way , please forgive me if i have it wrong , but health anxiety doesnt seem to be an issue as such , so its not putting a band aid on the problem , they only have to be short term , just to give you a helping hand ...if you which you may have already read some of the blogs , there are so many that have taken meds & say it was the best thing they did , & how it helped them , you could give them a try & if you found they really were not for you , well thats another one you could say you tried , but they also might be the answer

Try not to fear ending up like your Mother , i no what you are saying , but you are not your Mum , you are you & because you are aware of how your Mother is , make this the aim to take help , so you dont

It does feel like a sad life when you feel so low , but you will get better , again so many blogs on here with people that are prove of how much better they are , let that give you hope

Take it a day at a time , you will get there & think about seeing your GP again





Hello Marley, I have had similar issues to you (abuse etc...) I know how scary it must seem but I gained the courage to go to my GP and they were a huge help, they didn't judge me and gave me really helpful advice and treatments available. Hope everything goes well xx


Hi Marley I just like to say I have not been on this site long and have answered some that connect with me, I to was abused when I was in junior school age by a family member, I dont speak to my family I havent spoken to my mum over 4 years I only have my daughter and 1 close friend and partner .

I understand how you feel about meds and its great you got some counceling. I basically suffer from ocd since a child I have not seen a professional and im sure they will come up with some more letters :) This year it came to ahead and I needed help I went to an ocd meeting and they gave me a information pack on health I always look after my self eat well but feel unhappy with my condition and how it inhibits my life on this sheet it had healthy foods ect plus a product called 5HTP it is natural with no side effects although some people have said they feel some , I think there are some people on here talking about it Basically I have started taking this, this week and I feel a whole lot better in my self it is ment to help with anxiety help with better sleep I have read that it is helpful to people coming off of drugs and alcohol for me it has helped with anxiety repeating thoughts and skin picking a part of my ocd I also taking Bach flower remedies from health shop Honeysuckle for living in the past and white chestnut for repeating thoughts I would suggest going to your GP to and see if there are any health centres in your area that you can go to I went to Mind near me I have never had counceling and it scares me a bit to go and ask but at this centre I met so many helpful people and caring taking 5htp has calmed me down enough to take the next step I hope some of this info is helpful in some way, Im glad I have my daughter and best friend and if I didnt have my partner I know that ,that is all I would need in the world, but I think I may make more by going to this mental health centre and meeting like minded people going through similar things as me

please take care there is light see your gp and find some health centres if you can i think they are invaluble

lots of love to you Jadie x


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