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i need help :(

hi all havent been on here for a while as my anxiety had calmed down.

today i had a bad argument with my partner and ever since he left i starting having panick attacks :(

it feels as if theres no air and i got to keep taking deep breaths feels like my heart aint beating i got sweaty palms aswell :'( its the most scariest thing ever i just cant seem to calm down :'( i feel as if im going to pass out :'( please any1 with advice what should i doo

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Hello Louise

I have been wondering how you have been doing & its good to see that your anxiety had calmed down

Things can trigger it of & having an argument with OH can be one of them

You no this is a panic attack & even what the trigger has been

Open the window a little so you have some air coming in , sit & take deep breaths in & slowly let them out , keep doing this & let this panic attack come , but also no it is going to go & as awful as it feels it is not going to harm you

After it has passed , try & eat something , distract your mind , maybe sit & watch some TV & have something to eat & a drink , until you feel better , which you will

Let us no how you feel later , be thinking about you





Hi Louise,

I was going to say the same as whywhy:)) It really does work. Look up "mindfulness"I swear by it. Hope you feel better, take care, Hugs :)) x

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Hi Louise

Find some favourite music and sing it (although I found mouth miming also works as I sing like a crazed sheep) - makes you happier and regulates breathing...found myself singing into a bucket last week as I suddenly became very sick and dizzy - worked though ;)

x sam

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We are all with you holding your hand be calm whywhy is right bless you be calm


just take deep breaths and try to be mindfull take everything out of your mind and start counting objects around the room you are sat in, example- "one chair. one chair two tables. one chair two tables three floorboards"


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