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I don't know what to do

Hello everyone. For more than a month now I have been struggling with something I considered a health issue. It all started when I was diagnostied with celiac disease. I didnt even have time to star worrying about it, because a strong pressure like feeling in my head and behind eyes suddenly appeared out of the blue, I felt terrible, my whole body was shaking and I started getting into a panic mode everytime it started. As time went by the symptoms started changing. I had severe back and neck pain, I was afraid to move because all my joints were making cracking sounds more often than ever before. I was struggling with breathing. My chest hurt a lot. I couldn't sleep because all the small things kept waking me up.

Of course I went to various doctors, but it was hard explaining what's wrong with me, when I had different symptoms each week. It felt as if when one worry was gone, another one appeared. I had my eyes checked, I was on neurology for a basic exam, I had RTG on my lungs, I went to intern to have my heart chcekd, all was okay and normal.

But I wasn't.

Especially when I lie down, the pressure in my head starts, I feel as if it will explode any seconds and I am so afraid. I was told by four doctors that it is probably only in my head. That it is a mental issue and that I will be okay. One side of me believes that, because it seems highly unlikely that it all started randomly and that I feel so many random symptoms.

Yet I got into a point when I am constantly afraid. I try to hide it, try to fight with myself, but even if I tell myself that its just in my head, the things I feel are real. How can I believe that I am healthy and okay, if I cannot breathe?

I just don't know what to do anymore. If it is a mental issue, shall I try to find a professional to discuss it with? But what if it is really a health thing and it just slipped the doctor's attention?

I was never a person who worries too much for a long time. I took things as they were, felt terrible for a shrot time and then left it all forgotten. Now I feel like constantly crying for no reason, but I cannot even do that, because I am afraid the pressure in my head would only get worse.

Could anyone maybe talk with me about this?

Pretty please?

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I am so sorry you are experiencing this.


Hi Orida, sometimes when we are diagnosed with a true health issue, our mind can't accept it and we go into panic mode. It sounds like this is what happened to you. After having 4 doctors tell you that you were okay, like you said, but you weren't. I have been in the same position as you many years ago when diagnosed with a heart disorder. The symptoms that I got on a daily basis kept growing to the point that the cardiologist was sorry he told me. I had pressure in my head and eyes and would shake with fear. I also had severe back and neck pain and joints that cricked and cracked every time I moved. I too, struggled with breathing, afraid I might die at any time soon. My chest hurt and was so extremely tight. Sleeping was impossible because every sound would wake me up in fright. I was a nervous wreck, what was happening to me. The doctors must have missed something. So I continued on my merry go round of doctor shopping until I found one that said, I did have Cancer throughout my body and to find a good Oncologist. The 2 week wait for my appointment with an Oncologist was unbearable. This is where it finally would end. At least that is what I thought...The appointment came and went and I was told that I was not dying but suffering from an Anxiety Disorder. The heart disorder that I thought would kill me became second to Anxiety. Anxiety had taken over my life. As much as I wanted to believe this renowned Oncologist, there were doubts that would come into play as I developed a new symptom. The Oncologist became my personal physician for the next 30 years and I proceeded to have a psychiatrist as well as a therapist to help me distinguish between health and emotional issues. I cried everyday until I thought there wasn't any tears left. That was then, with a team approach to my medical and emotional issues, I gained control once again over my life. Understanding why things happen to our bodies because of the way our minds interpret the symptoms. I didn't have a forum to go to. This Anxiety Community has been blessed with caring and supportive people like ourselves who truly understand what we are going through. I would definitely get into therapy that will help you sort things out. You will better understand where and why these symptoms exist. You will learn different modalities that will help lessen the symptoms. The pressure in my head was the first sign I got that something wasn't right. Orida, I hope you will think about what I wrote so you won't feel so alone. Hopefully it will give you some direction as to the next step to take. We are all here for you and wish you well. I'd be more than happy to explain the cause and effect of your anxiety. Take care because we care. xx


Thank you. Thank you so much for those words. I knew I wasn't alone, I just didn't know where to turn to. It seems this forum was a right choice.

Would you mind telling me more about your symptoms? Especially the pressure in head?

I thought about therapy, yet it is a bit complicated for me.

I am also unsure whether to seek an advice of a psychotherapist, psychologist or a psychiatrist.

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Hi Orida, Definitely you should seek advice from someone. Maybe even a Celiac support group. There may be others like yourself feeling anxiety symptoms over being newly diagnosed. As for the head pressure, it definitely is a symptom of anxiety as long as nothing else is going on. That would take a neurologist to determine. As for that feeling in the head coming from anxiety, there are several reasons. One of them (for me) is dehydration. I don't tend to drink much water and that is always a sign that I need to step it up. Another thing is shallow breathing which is prevalent in the anxious person. It doesn't produce enough oxygen to the brain and you may feel foggy, out of it. The most likely is that the muscles in your head and face are so tense that it tightens the muscles and may make the hormones irractic as well as put pressure on the eyes. None of these symptoms if from anxiety are dangerous. They can be controlled or lessened by deep breathing exercises which help calm the nervous system and muscular tension. Seeing a psychiatrist would be for medication, a psychologist or psychotherapist would teach you to understand the symptoms as well as how to relax and have some control. I hope this helps some xx


i had head pressure as well and it was all from stress and anxiety


Hi Orida! I'm glad you've got checked over by a Dr. Relax and know that you are fine! I would talk to a psychologist - one that specializes in trauma and anxiety. They could do EMDR, or cbt, those help a lot


I got checked by so many doctors yet my lastest symptoms still make me wanna go visit more, I am worried there is something serious going on.

And thanks. I need to finally get an appointment.

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