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This is getting ridiculous

Sorry, me again. I have now had this racing heart five solid days. I cannot sleep. Even had a couple of drinks last night, quite unusual for me these days... Still didn't knock me out.

Now it's three am and lots to do tomorrow.

Had horrid chest pressure on the motorway too, had to stop twice. But kudos to me,even though the adrenaline was flowing I stopped panicking after less than 10 minutes.

I think I'm worried that my heart will stop if I sleep. Not sure what's changed to bring all this in. Hardly eaten anything either, just feel nauseous. Not helping.

Sorry, just wanted to share.

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Hiya Mate,its horrible I know.Yesterday I was at the hospital for an E.C.G.,blood/urine tests,chest xray,the full works,50 this year so cant do any harm.Told the doctor that my chest felt tight,hard to fully breath.As it turns out,I have a chest infection probably caused by quitting fags on new years day and all the horrible stuff is clearing my lungs.I awoke about 3 coughing quite violently,I kept calm,came downstairs and don't feel too bad.Your heart wont stop whilst at rest but if you worry,you wont be able to rest,its one of them circle things!Deep breaths mate and nice thoughts,distract that trick playing mind.Take care.


Thanks. Still no sleep, just watching Sherlock mashups on least when I'm doing that I can't worry, but I can't rest either. Never mind


its awful when your so tierd but cant relax enough to go to sleep. i had heart flutters last night in my chest and throat and ended up watching the telly half the night. you tube is a great distraction, have you ever seen misery bear? x


Thanks all. After a bountiful 1.5 hours sleep I have today lost my bank card and pranged my car, just a ding luckily. But after months of rubbish sleep it is hardly surprising.

I am getting to the point where I want to ask the doc for pills. But she has never suggested it and I've managed so far without...I don't want to add sine kind of dependency to my list if issues. Plus, I need to be able to drive.

Has anyone else resisted pills and then taken them, if you see what I mean?


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