Getting tired of this

I hate to say it as much as I love giving my input and opinions no one is actually taking my advice I guarentee you thatthis song HELPS will someone PLEASE just listen to it and see for yourself.. i hate being a broken record but this song TRULY HELPS ill even LINK IT FOR YOU GUYS to make the excuses go away!


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  • The sad reality is that 90% of the people with these problems will always make excuses and never really get better. They already have it in their head that it won’t work due to their negative outlook. You yourself refuse to take any meds to deal with your issues and want to do it the natural way....which is usually only a short term fix. You are not going to fully get better or “cured” without some form of meds. That just the facts.

    I do appreciate your positive posts on here and I’m sure they do help some people. Don’t get discouraged and please keep posting them.

  • I have to positively disagree that you cant get “cured” with out meds.. anxiety is NATURAL to begin with.. everyone goes through it we just allowed our bodies to stay in this FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode.. medication is more so a bandaid.. of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. i do agree that everyone sometimes makes excuses to not fight their anxiety.. i do agree that anxiety will NEVER be cured it will become TOLERABLE anxiety is just like stress PART OF LIFE we just have different measures of how to handle it so it’s tolerable and or not even noticeable.. im just super sorry but anxiety will never be cured it will just become tolerable and medications may help some people but I guarentee if you remove it the problem is still there it may take time for the medications to leave the body fully especially if the person has had the meds in their system for years on years.. im truly sorry but this is THE TRUTH now you may counter this and start discussing other medications for other ailments like another poster did with me in a different thread but guess what We are discussing anxiety so if you bring any other ailment and medications such as diabetes then it becomes irrelevant because we are going to be chatting about anxiety..

    Please do not take this as an arguement im simply just giving my opinion and being friendly not argumentative or anythign negative towards you or your opinion namaste thanks for the reply

  • Kev,

    Have you had any luck with your doctors yet about prescribing xanax? I had an epidural last week for chronic pain control, and that has already reduced my amount of pain meds and xanax used.

  • Im actually about to see my therapist I have a list of meds im going to ask him about hes very against xanax so that one is deff out of the question -_- im aiming for valium but I saw some of the major side effects as well as the common and rare ones UGH i hade pills mainly cause of side effects why do they have to help one thing but worsen another!!!! SMH

  • Yep, your correct; chemistry is a delicate matter. And big business doesn't care. irony is my husband's son in law is chemical developer for Pfizer in Boston.

    My insurance is refusing to pay for a blood pressure medication that the VA uses for PTSD soldiers to lessen the effect of nightmares. I paid for month RX to see if it was worth the fight. It is. After about 25 days of it before bedtime and my nightmares are not as violent, and some mornings I don't remember a nightmare but have this feeling I had one. Last night no nightmare.

    The insurance company wrote and asked if he had tried anything else. His response was that over the last 17 years he had tried 14 and then he listed them.

    Insurance is still not covering the med because the adjuster said that would open a floodgate of claims for that medication for "anyone's so-called bad dream"s" and the company doesn't want to get involved in that.

    Want her to come and sleep in my king size bed and I won't take that blood pressure med. Wonder how long she'll last after the third time I talk, move erratically or scream during a nightmare.

    Duhhh. She knows she is being recorded on the phone by her own insurance company. What she said may take this matter out of the time consuming workers comp law and into civil trial court of "sue you for intentional infliction of emotional stress" big time.

    So Kev, maybe big business can end up screwing itself. We'll see.

    I just bought a plate with the inscription around the edges that reads: "What goes around comes back around." A marker can write anyone's name in the middle and if it is baked will become permanent. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to use it. :)

    Do you want a list of all the anxiety med alternatives he tried? These meds may be used primarily for other reasons, but have also the effect of anxiety reduction "off label" for some people, but I don't think they have the instant stop anxiety pronto you want for occasional use.

  • Listened to about 2 minutes of the song. Not my taste in music but I can see how it’s soothing. 😀

    I live my life with the One Life One Chance philosophy from punk rock singer and motivational speaker Toby Morse from the band H2o. PMA all day.

  • How do you know that nobody's taking your advice, Kev, people don't always report back? Very soothing music, I like it. I also find 1930s dance sequences on YouTube very mood enhancing such as George Raft and Carole Lombard dancing to 'The magic of you' from 'Rumba' 1935 or Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing to 'Let's face the music and dance' from 'Follow the Fleet' 1937. Call me old fashioned.

  • Very valid point

  • I don't accept that 'nobody can recover without meds' because thousands recovered BEFORE there were meds, prior to the late 1960s there was only barbituates and they just calmed people down. Claire Weekes wrote her first book on the acceptance method 'Self help for your nerves' years before diazepam, prozac etc She refers briefly to sedatives which meant barbituates but many thousands recovered by her method and other self help methods before the advent of meds and I believe many still do.

  • You’re the guy who told a poster to not listen when someone told them to go to the ER when their heart rate suddenly jumped to 200 bpm because they might have a heart arrhythmia and were at risk for a stroke. You quoted some Claire Weeks stuff then. Luckily they woman who posted didn’t listen to you and went to the ER. She suffered a stroke while at the ER and luckily was there when it happened.

    I can’t take you or anything Claire Weeks says seriously.

    If people were able to be cured just by reading Claire Weeks....there wouldn’t be over 40 million people suffering with anxiety in the United States.

  • Its not the book that isnt curing people its the people that are not following through with the advice wether it be because they have mo courage like mysef or because they are giving into the feelings anxiety gives medication will not give you courage courage comes from throwing yourself into an environment and sitting through the touchest of all symptoms

    Now you brought up the post where the person ended up havig a stroke but that isnt jeffs fault the poster did not give enough information nor did jeff know much about the poster we all give advice and since it was a post inside the anxiety thread jeff assumed it was anxiety just like everyone does when someone posts WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME OR WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS OR IS THIS NORMAL etc people are SEEKING advice and thats all we can give we all are NOT doctors so just because she ended up having something very wrong and jeff thought it was anxiety its not his fault

    Luckily the poster fidnt take the ADVICE that was given and thankgoodness

    BUT remember that this website is to HELP as much as we can and the posters should know that we are NOT doctors and as much details as they give we base it off what it COULD BE so in theory we are not much different then GOOGLE searching symptoms..

    We read what someone is experiencing and we base it on some ailment such as anxiety

    For example we see lots of posts saying im always feeling dizzy or posts about how people feel symptom wise then members of these forums come on and see it and post what they THINK they may be going through of course this is better than google searching because people get to see how they are not alone in these feelings and it brings people at ease.. im sorry for the rant maybe it makes sense maybe it doesnt but one thing I know is im not trying to argue im having a realistic conversation discussing my opinion on each reply

    Also are you blaming jeff for the posters stroke? Im curious as to why it was mentioned just because jeff happened to reply with a claire weeks post.. again i love to chat and discuss LIKE ADULTS no heated arguements nothing

  • Speakthetruth. I recovered without medication. Anxiety is a normal bodily function designed to protect us. The only difference is anxiety sufferers become afraid of the symptoms which magnifies the intensity which frightens the sufferer even more, creating a vicious cycle. Medication help some people but personally, I didn’t want to rely upon them and for them to become a crutch (Oh, I can’t do this or that unless I pop a tablet), otherwise I’d never truly overcome my fear. I dont know about you and we are all free to choose our own path to recovery but I preferred to recover naturally.

    The trouble is, sufferers want instant relief which is understandable. I wanted it too but anxiety doesn’t work like that. It takes time to recover naturally. There is no miracle cure because anxiety sufferers aren’t actually physically ill. Sure, there are physical symptoms but there is nothing physically wrong wrong with most anxiety sufferers. They just fear the symptoms of stress. Nothing more than that.

    Having gone through the recovery process which takes time while the mind and body heals just like a broken bone heals, I now have the knowledge and experience to never again let myself fall to the depths of fear and despair I first felt when anxiety came knocking because I no longer fear the symptoms of anxiety or depression through the teachings of Dr Weekes. I much prefer living without fear. How about you?

    Best wishes


  • Speakthetruth, what I said to that woman with the 200bpm was that the heart muscle can withstand a heart rate that high which is what she was concerned about, I never mentioned anything about strokes. However I apologised to her privately which she accepted.

    Speakthetruth, you know nothing about Claire Weekes, anybody who has read through some of the 550+ reader reviews on or the 350+ on will find many, many reviewers reporting that her acceptance method brought relief and recovery for them and the phrase 'saved my life' crops up regularly.

    Speakthetruth, I wouldn't want you to take anything I say seriously, if you ever said you did then I would be greatly concerned. Your negative attitude towards almost everybody here and your snide way of expressing yourself has introduced a sour note on this forum for the first time i.e. your first few disparaging lines about posters on this forum expressed in your first post in this thread. We have never had anybody so hostile towards self-help techniques and I am inclined to wonder which pharmaceutical company or group of money minded psychiatrists you represent?

  • Im with you on this jeff except about claire weeks as I cant say anything about it since I have mever read it

  • In a nutshell, the root cause of anxiety, OCD, PTSD, agoraphobia etc is fear. Dr Weekes’ books help dissolve that fear by explaining how anxiety and the others I mentioned ( any fear based disorder) manifest and to face and accept those fears instead of resisting. I note you say you don’t have the courage. You do. You just haven’t tapped into it yet. It’s not a special courage reserved for super heroes. We all have that inner strength to carry on in the face of adversity, especially when you understand that the feelings of anxiety are temporary and completely harmless. That gives hope, it removes the despair and lays the foundations to recovery by learning to accept the symptoms. We only fight because we fear the symptoms but that is why people stay stuck in the cycle because it adds more tension, more stress to a mind and body that is already overloaded with stress and fear. The outcome of this is prolonged anxiety.

    Some people might be disappointed if they think they will be rid of anxiety just by reading the book. Sadly, it’s not as easy as that. Metaphorically, it teaches you how to fish but you have to go out and catch one. The teachings are not some fancy technique. It’s about changing your attitude towards the symptoms and making friends with it instead of seeing it as your arch enemy that you must fight to get rid of any which way. Bit by bit, recovery will come. The courage you think you lack grows and accompanies you on the road to recovery. The more you learn to accept the symptoms, the less courage you need to face the world.


    Jeff and Ken, you are overlooking a horrible occurrence BEFORE AND DURING of the 1960's and 1970s' . This is not written directly to you, but you opened a door that I can't close until I write about it. And I suspect it may be removed by the administration.

    What I have written is going to cause a fury of response and probably anger many, and others will go on about that I just didn't understand what was being discussed.

    You mentioned thousands of people who were cured before meds; what about the ones who never had an opportunity to try the medications and were warehoused, sometimes for life?

    Millions of people were released from years of state and private hospitalization.....sometimes an entire lifetime because they were determined to have emotional or psychiatric disorders. Released without ever receiving drug one.

    Maybe a lobotomy here and there, but no appropriate medical care, including the meds available which WERE EFFECTIVE if given that would have allowed them to go back home when they still had a home or family.

    I had an aunt subjected to that type of hospital from the time she was in her 20's until she died in her 80s. All I could do was to make certain she had decent clothes and presents at the holidays and postcards as I know no one was reading letters to her. I lived 1800 miles from her "hospital" and had no legal options and didn't have the money for full-time care in my apartment for her while I worked.

    These people were released because their civil rights were determined to have been violated and the budget for such institutions changed big time.

    The plan was to place them in areas where they could receive mental health care, including medication, art therapy, counseling, meals a bedroom, clothing, etc. while living in group homes.

    Problem: the last sentence never was "funded." And Title 20 and 21 just didn't last. I was an art therapist for a part time day treatment program at the time. I saved who I could; respected those that had long lost any meaningful life due to no therapeutic help, medical treatment and the MEDICATION available.

    When the funding even stopped for that program, I cried and worried what would happen to all those disrespected, uncared for, innocent people with absolutely nothing but their Medicaid and a tiny SSD check which was handled by the owners of shabby boarding homes. (The remarkable The Camphill Movement was not available in 99.999 0/0 of the world then.)

    I flew those 1800 miles to claim my aunt's body, gave her a decent burial preceded by a Catholic Mass for the Innocent and made certain flowers WERE allowed in the service even if it was Holy Week. I have no idea how I managed to pay for that.

    So, this is my anger at our country which you and I allowed it to do to those poor human beings, and but for the grace of God could have happened to us if we were born earlier. DO NOT EVER TELL ME THAT MEDICATION IS NOT NEEDED WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT ALL THOSE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE TURNED OUT TO THE STREETS FROM THOSE WAREHOUSES CALLED HOsPITALS: some of the medication available would have given them the chance to live an actual life. Without it, they had nothing.

    Here we are with the luxury of discussing and debating whether or not one needs which medication or not to be well. Aren't we just full of ourselves. And just where was the remarkable influential Claire Weeks when these people needed her? Was she even allowed to try to make a difference for them?

  • HearYou, I remember hearing the whispers about people put into an insane asylum. It wasn't talked about, almost like a disgrace because someone was mentally ill. (which was not their fault). From that it went to State Hospitals where there was a fence all around the building that housed these poor souls.

    They didn't have a prayer in getting better. They were drugged up and made to exist like zombies. Some of them having lobotomies which didn't work half the time. And then one day I noticed while driving by a Chicago state hospital that it had now become a mall. What happened to all these people that were left there for years upon end? What had changed that society no longer needed a state hospital? medications had come on the market that could possibly help people with mental illness function enough to continue being a part of anxiety. Therapy took it's place with meds as well. I'm glad I am of the younger generation or instead of having a choice of voluntarily going to an in patient program, I would have been thrown into a state hospital and forgotten.

    So I do believe there is a time and a place for medication not only for physical issues but mental ones as well. Get stabilized first and then move on to other methods that will help you. Each one of us will respond differently. What we use as our crutch through life is our choice. If it works, don't knock it but accept that it has given us some time to be emotionally free from pain. We don't think twice about accepting help from our doctors for physical ailments then why should we be hesitant to receive emotional help as well. Whatever it may be.

    Life is about living it and if we don't have that, we have nothing. x

  • Hello Ms. Agora. Thank you. You read and understood what I was trying to say.

    The hospitals didn't close because meds were available, it was due to civil rights and the tax money not being enough to keep them open. The meds were not being used in the hospitals as many of these people had been written off as lost causes. Lock me up and regiment me for years, and I would be a lost cause too. And then release me to a world I didn't understand or know anymore, not able to handle money or feed myself or know where I could live and see if I get better.

    The optimistic part of this plan was there would be money to fund clinics and programs near home to treat the former "inmates" as outpatients indefinitely due to their condition of former long term residents of "mental hospitals", as well as people in the community who needed outpatient care. That money only came for a brief time.

    Today partial day treatment programs are more refined ,effective and profitable mental health providers. It is often the next step after one has had the need for an inpatient stabilization program of a few days or weeks. People attend several days a week or more, and employers health insurance frequently cover the cost, as well as Medicare or Medicaid.

    When I was the art therapist in the early partial day program, there were two BA level social workers with no therapy training or experience, a nurse, a psychiatrist who didn't understand much English and me....the only person with any education and experience in therapy. The social workers spent most of their time in a glassed office working on files, the nurse gave injections in a closet.

    The clients ALL had anxiety issues with their long term diagnosis of schizophrenia, manic depression, catatonic states, violence with lethal weapons, years old charges of attempted murder, and the clients just sat in chairs in one big room. It was just a holding room with nothing happening for five hours a day.

    Thank goodness the younger social worker and nurse were eager to help create a daily interactive therapy routine containing socialization skills, awareness, and interest activities, the reading and sharing of newspaper content, learning the subtle signs of behavior or personal hygiene, or crafts pattern changes that could indicate issues going on at the boarding houses or need for medication checks. We received grants for art and craft materials and other supplies needed for therapy uses. We changed the field trips from cigarette manufacturing and potato chip companies to petting zoos and the tours regarding horses at Churchill Downs. Certain medications injected or given orally did make a significant difference in some of our clients.

    The older social worker was a loss and never left that glass office; she was embarrassed that she did not have a clue how therapy and medication interact. She was the "supervisor" of the program due to affirmative action. The psychiatrist learned the difference between "Smoky Mountain" and "Smokey Robinson". and we all learn the lyrics to "Lucille" which the drop in drunk program above us sang almost every day. ("You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille, with four hungry kids, and a crop in the field....)

    We did the best we could with only one therapist and two young, intelligent women working and learning on the job. Thank goodness one of us had been a college exchange student in China and understood some of what the psychiatrist was saying.

  • Wow HearYou, that was an eye opener for me. I didn't know that. I guess I was fortunate in that my experience as in patient was a positive one. That was about 7 years ago. I got a lot out of the program including a number of different activities, speakers and music therapy. Dogs were brought onto the floor once a week. Only the weekends were more quiet where we had time to work on our own.

    I was in a safe environment for my psychiatrist to try different medications and dosages that would help me. Health issues were addressed as well. It was about addressing the patient as a whole. Both mind and body connection.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me feel that things will eventually keep getting better as we go forward with mental health not being such a taboo. x

  • Thank you for reading and writing. One of the issues regarding treatment and medication: some mental health issues are caused or a result of a physical problem or injury. Can the medication ever be discontinued and still have a quality of life? Welcome to my world. But you know about me to understand. xx :)

  • I totally agree HearYou. There are cases where issues are intertwined and need to be addressed appropriately. So there is no rule set in stone that can say medication is or isn't required. It's up to the case history of each and every patient. I feel for you and the pain you are in. xx

  • Thanks and the epidural I had last week is helping and greatly lessens the amount of pain meds I've had to take today.

  • I think it comes down to everything in life do what works for you, many people have over come anxiety with medication and many without, it's a personal choice and I don't think one should be judged for it or pushed into anything.

  • I totally agree Aazz. x

  • Hearyou, I'll tell you where Claire Weekes was back in the bad old days you refer to, she was helping as many as she could to recover (when meds were not an option) thereby saving as many as she could from the horrors of those psychiatric warehouses. How many did you save? Exactly. So don't knock somebody who through personal consultations and book writing saved untold thousands from asylum life.

    Later when meds became available Weekes did not argue against them and prescribed them herself but always stressed the option that you can recover from anxiety neurosis (as it was called then) without long term medication if you so wished. Neither Weekes nor I argued against meds which have an important place in providing short or long term relief but rarely bring recovery if at all.

    Clearly you feel badly about what happened to your aunt but don't put the blame on a woman who spent her life campaigning for a self-help cure which kept untold thousands out of those institutions.

  • Please take a breath. Never ask a delicate question if you don't already know the answer. That could be embarrassing.

    There is a saying that " One never asks a rancher how large is his herd." You know why one doesn't do that.

    You don't know what happened after the funding for that partial day program closed.

    How many did I "save"? You don't know who I am. And that's no big deal. But don't ask how large my herd is now and who it includes.

    Why in the world did I work for so little money and state supplied resources when I didn't need to work at the time but cared and wanted to be on the front lines. instead of just complaining in the shadows?

    Please just take a breath. Clare Weekes simply did not have the ability to influence line item changes in state and the federal budgets to care for those in need of mental health care. She just was not in the position nor know the people who could do that.

    About my aunt's life and death. Please never diminish another's sorrow for a family member while praising another person. Why do you think I became determined to change my "herd" and it's "members"?

    My aunt and those in her position.

    Just take a breath.

  • Hearyou, you seem to have forgotten that you attacked the late Claire Weekes' record of service to people with anxiety disorder first and I explained to you that by helping so many to recover she saved them from the asylums. Your work record is admirable but with respect I say that Weekes helped more people to recovery. She was Australian by the way but the same system no doubt existed there as in the U.S. and U.K.

  • Just take a breath. No attacks, no blood, nothing to win.

    It wasn't my work history I was trying to clue you into, but don't think you caught it. It doesn't matter. Nothing to win. But it is a wonderful place where so many people can discuss the key issue of whether meds or no meds. :)

  • "And where was the remarkable influential Claire Weekes when those people needed her?" Your words not mine, Hearyou, and a most unnecessary criticism.

  • Ok Mr. Kevin. Tell me how? I am sincere and asking for your help to take advantage of your generous offer and to end your frustration and maybe solve why some of us haven't listened to that music at night.

    I have a laptop computer that is programmed to shut down in just a few minutes time if not actively used by me. And I don't know how to use any other device.

    I will have to get earphones or something as I DO SLEEP WITH A HUSBAND. My husband is so intuned with me, even if I am breathing heavily or speaking, he knows I am having one of my horrible nightmares and he wakes up and wakes me out of them. My service dog used to wake me from the nightmares, but you know he is dead now.

    I have a cell phone, but our budget is not prepared for it to somehow play 10 hours a night.

    What are my options, and other people's options on what devices to use so we don't disturb our significant others, stay within our budget for cell time or not have our computers use their power savers that shut down? Do I need to buy something else just to listen to the 10 hours, like a mobile music device? IF, so what kind and how much will take out our budget?

    I really not intending to be negative or challenging. Just shooting from the hip about the roadblocks some of us have to follow your great offer. Know you are you are younger than me and some others in this venue, and maybe your budget is a bit more accommodating, and your knowledge of maybe something simple to use that we simply have not had a need for.....I am not in the dark ages regarding electronics, but don't text as I don't need to, and don't walk around with ear phones attached to anything.

    So help me and I believe some other people on this venue, with what you take for granted.....your knowledge! Really am sincere about this. Some of us aren't familiar with the up to date common tech, because we didn't need it or maybe our budgets are tight.

    And it may be embarrassing for some to speak up and tell you that.

    So I am asking for all those people and me.

    I play my favorite discs in my car when driving, don't receive email or text on my phone, as that cost can add up and I don't what my cell phone to sending me every single message that appears on my computer. The garbage alone would have my cell phone "dinging" me all day long. I don't need to text or tweet. Know that sounds like a shocker to many. But I don't socialize that way. Wish the President would stop doing that as sneak attacks during the night. :)

    The people I want to talk to have my home phone and know to leave my cell phone alone, as a message from it automatically goes out if I fall or I need help because I am driving or walking alone.

    So Kevin, give us a break. You are trying to help us by the generous offer of this music. Please end your frustration because we are not using it, by helping us some more and explain how? A million thanks. :)

  • 1.humans fall asleep in an average of maybe 30 minutes if not less SO do you HAVE to listen for 10 hours? Absolutely not! The song goes for 2 minutes will that be enough for you to fall asleep on? NOPE.. wifi is always on you cell phone has wifi IM SURE OF IT unless you use a flip phone

    2. Do not underestimate someones age just because Im half your age does not mean my bills are half as well or Im not in a crunch either

    3. Your entitled to your opinion i take no offense in your reply

    4. Im not frustrated as much as you think as this forum does not rule my mood I just get tired of giving advice to ASKHOLES (people who ask but do not take the advice and wonder why things dont change) (people are gonna flip because of this one)

    5. Saving power is great it does infact save money but just because I linked a 10 hour version of a song that could very wel help does not mean you actually have to listen 10 hrs haha

    6. I do not know a thing about you other than you suffer like everyone else on this forum about anxiety or other ailments.. so to bring in your dog that passed away which im very sorry to hear wasn’t necessary in my opinion BUT since its mentioned it is infact the way of life.. was the dog paid for by you or was it “free” from insurance? I say “Free” because nothing in this world is FREE.. fhe reason i ask this is because MAYBE you could get another dog? That could help thats just a suggestion you may have already thought about and have your reasons for doing so or to not do so

    7. Headphones are the best thing ever to exist as it does not disrupt the other party especially when sleeping so yes you answered your own question

    8. We are in different eras so yes technology is becoming more and more helpful but somewhat complicated as far as your computer being on a POWER SAVE MODE and it goes off if your not USING it im PRETTY SURE that if your watching a video the device DOES NOT SHUT DOWN because you TECHNICALLY are using the device its just on a constant REPEAT now this MAY be opposite of what your using POWER SAVE mode for so we are going to skip this one but i thought id mention it anyway

    9. You have a cell phone that charges at night most people these days CHARGE AND PLAY that means you plug in device to charge and listen to music at the same time UNLESS you own an IPHONE 7 or above which does not allow charge and play then skip this number

    10 back to your cellphone and budget..

    Wifi im sure you have it since you own a computer guess what technology these days have WIFI capabilities on cell phones And even TVs and much more too! So wifi basically rules out your CELLPHONE BUDGET because your not using your CELLULAR DATA when on youtube or internet or for apple iphones to ohwr apple iphones you have what is called IMESSAGE now this with wifi turned on is Life changing when it comes to using cellular data because it can be used with out having a celluar data (sounds confusing probably) basically if your phone was at an area with no cell service you can still send other iphone users text messages via wifi pretty cool aye? Unfortunately android does not have this YET but you have APPLICATIONS for that such as TEXTNOW or TEXTFREE or even KIK

    11. I hate social media with a passion! So i agree with you on your part about social media

    12 musical devices such as IPOD or MP3 players or even CD PLAYERS can be used to simply listen to this song or many others for duration of time with out being costly ipods are pricey but you can surely find a ton of them on ebay or amazon but GIESS WHAT your cellphone can do this too! Get an app called SPOTIFY or even just install music on too it YOUTUBE IS YOUR FRIEND same with gooogle unless you are searching your symptoms up lol

    13 i can keep going if youd like :) Im sorry i found every alternative i could take my lunch break to ease your concerns about my post and our differences in age, generation, finances, knwoledge

    So if you are still not satisfied with this response ill see to it after work i can try to help you out more in understanding technology with out having age or level of knowledge get incthe way i also know most people on this forum are either way older or younger im very open minded and very down to earth but thank you :) hope this helps as theres no excuses for not being able to do something especially when it comes to budget i always say WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY namaste

  • Ken,

    Never meant to indicate any or no wealth at your age...we are simply living as though my husband no longer has a business.....we are "practicing" with living on budget as though he were to stop tomorrow, etc. I tried to make no assumptions in my trying to be inclusive of others in the venue. But perhaps failed. ")

    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into your response. Give me a bit of time and I will ferret out what may work for me. Ihave some brain damage issues from the truck accident, so some things take time for me to learn.

    About my dog's death and that one of his jobs was to wake me during a nightmare. That's the PTSD nightmares. You know PTSD is basically anxiety, depression with a lot of other issues involved including nightmares and "daymares" or flashbacks , insomnia.etc.. My physical pain is constant, chronic and restricts me mobility wise. I went from a wheelchair to a walker, to canes and a service dog. I still know how to fall quite well. Scooter would get help if I coudn't get back up. So some of those issues are assisted by my service dog.

    The reason why I don't just get another dog is the "donation" expected from a number of the service dog training (nonprofit )organizations is $24,000-30,000 and at least a year's wait.

    I was fortunate to be at the right place ,at the right time to have Scooter assigned to me and trained. We didn't face the great expense 13 years ago.

    The success of a rescue dog passing even the evaluation before training is about 0. We are looking into alternatives for acquiring a suitable pup and private training with a local trainer of special needs dogs, but the expense is still greater than our budget. It would need to come out of our retirement savings. The trainer is contacting the appropriate breeders, and she has "inspected" our home, yard and suitability of having a young dog live with us from day one when training begins.

    Am looking into my workers comp medical coverage to see if the courts will require it to cover the dog, training, and 12 years of health, medical, grooming experience. Two of my specialists are actively backing the medical necessity requirement.

    Again thanks for the tutorial. I really do appreciate it, Mr. New York. :) :)

  • Hey I meant no harm either and I lnow you didnt assume wealth or anything like that I was just staing that in my topic I just basically broke down everything you wrote and made a reply :) all is well I just hope you are able to feel better /: and I had a feeling the dogs are very pricey merica is run on money those dunkin commercials are wrong merica is not run on dunkin its money -_- damn corporate merica

  • I did listen to the song yesterday. I just didn’t reply about it, sorry. It is very calming and relaxing.

    I personally choose to believe that anxiety is curable. I had it for awhile back in 2010, but was able to get rid of it until this past year when I had a traumatic event happen. I’m working to get past it again. I’ve tried meds, but other than anxiety meds they haven’t worked for me. I believe that my brain got chemically off balance when I got so scared awhile back. I think it is just going to take time to get back in balance. This is just what I believe. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. If medication works for you then by all means use it. We are all different, so what works for some may not work for others. When I was really bad I wished it would work for me. I tried several different ones several different times and stayed on them for a proper amount of time. My symptoms just seemed to get worse. I never felt any relief on meds.

  • Thank you glad it helped i guess i just like to hear if the song works or not haha

  • Kevoreally, My computer has crashed twice this morning, maybe for a reason :) Nothing like "he said, she said" first thing in the morning. :(

    In the 2 plus years I've been on this forum, I've taken in what people have said with an open mind. I listen to each and every video that is posted. Always ready to learn of yet another way to combat anxiety in our lives. Some work, some don't but that's just for me. I've always told new members to read each post and response with an open mind, taking from it what you want and ignoring the rest.

    The thing is that most people who have anxiety want an instant cure and if they don't see a results after the first time, it's thrown aside. Until you have experienced all the different methods out there for anxiety, you really don't know what works and what doesn't for you. It took me 30 years of hell to get where I'm at today. And yet, I wouldn't change a thing. I needed to be on medication just not as long as they left me on it. I needed to be hospitalized, on my request. I was stubborn and anxiety took advantage of that mentality. Never trusting what anyone said, never accepting that it was anxiety and not a life threatening issue.

    During those 30 years, there really isn't anything that I didn't try in proving the doctors wrong as well as trying to get some relief. And then, like a scientist who finally finds the cure, I made a complete comeback to Acceptance being the key that I had in my hand the whole time. The rest is history, I have left it behind me but will never forget what it took to get me to this place.

    That's my story, my journey. It doesn't mean it works for everyone, not by far. I found my tools, I found what works for me and I am content with using them.

    The last thing I will say though, is that if used right, this forum can be beneficial to many people because of the exchange of ideas and experiences. Because we are not doctors, because we are not clued in to a patient's health history, it can be difficult to divide anxiety vs a medical issue. It's no one's fault. We are here for support and understanding and comfort BUT not for diagnosis. If we can no longer be comfortable ourselves in answering from our own experiences then this forum will fall apart. Then instead of being sued as a doctor would be, we would be chastised in front of our members on the forum. It makes me hesitant at times to answer a post for fear of "what if" this time....... People will listen and then do what they want to do whether good or bad anyway.

    That is their prerogative. The advice is "free" . I guess we will have to go back to starting the responses with "I am not a doctor" but.... We are in this together, for better or worse. Let's hope it's for the better because we need to stand strong and united. x

  • Just listened to that video when I got in from work for half a hour, it’s great to relax to, funny how my stomach stopped twitching the moment I relaxed and focused on the music. Thank you for suggesting it and will listen to it more often when feeling stressed and tense. X

  • I really dont think its a matter of not listening to you, I think its more when we arent thinking clearly anxiety just takes over (at least this was my case for a bit) and like Agora says above that when our mind is all over the place we are kind of looking for a "quick fix" (answer) cause we are so desperate to feel better and want to hear something that will work right then and there and when it doesnt its on to the next (again I am speaking of myself and/or others that might feel the same), because I am very impatient and wanted to feel better right away lol . Again past few months have taught me to be patient and everyday is a new day and to stop thinking about the future or try to control every little thing that happens in my life. (I do have 10mg of prozac to thank for that which was my last resort cause I tried everything naturally). I remember hearing this song above that you posted and let me tell you for some reason it gave me nothing but more anxiety than I had. Maybe it works or will help some but for me it was a no go. It was through patience and family support that I have come a long way then I was a few months or even weeks ago. So I wouldnt really take it personal if I were you when people dont take your advice, I guess its more of a venting for some to ask questions or advice for reasurrance but only when they are ready and in a good place that everything will seem clearer meaning others advice, suggestions etc.

    Have a great one

    Missie :)

  • Yeah i have read the youtube comments some people get more anxiety when listening to it im not sure why tbh but im glad your doing better :)

  • Thanks Kev, I still have my days but its going :) Hope the same for you and all others on this site. Its a constant battle of fighting with myself everymorning to get up shower get ready and head out that door. :)

  • Yeah its a strougle for me its lack of courage -_-

  • You can do it.

  • Take the attitude, “ Ah well, I feel like sh1t, I don’t feel up to this but I’m going to do it anyway.” Roll with the punches and just take the day as you find it. Resign yourself to how you feel and give your mind a free rein to think anything and do nothing about it. Don’t try to make yourself think and feel any different than you do. It’s just anxiety/ excessive energy that wants to escape from you so don’t stand in its way and stop it from happening. This is how you recover.

    Your mind and body are probably exhausted (not to mention your nerves which have become sensitised because of all the worry to stress you have put yourself under) and need time to recover. Even when you are fully accepting, the mind and body will still protest for a while and probably the reason people give up practicing acceptance. In my opinion, these people have not fully accepted, the belief in the change of attitude required to recover is not there. If the belief was there, they would carry on accepting and the symptoms would eventually melt away.

  • I will have a listen tonight and let you know, nice if you to care so much 😀

  • For Heaven's sake, all Kev did was to add a piece of music which some people find calms their anxiety, he wasn't making out it was a cure-all, just another possible weapon in the anti-anxiety tool box for some. One person here has already found it useful, that's a result. Someone else finds it aggrevates their anxiety, well we have learned something from that, chacun son gout as the Frenchies over the Channel say. Think I'm the only Brit on this thread, here cellphones are called mobiles, the ER is called A&E as in Accident and Emergency and all medical care for everyone is free from the cradle to the grave (except meds for people who work but they're subsidised) and there's no upper limit on how much is spent on you. It's paid for out of an extra tax during the years we work called National Insurance Contributions. The U.S. medical industry tries to disparage it calling it Socialist Medicine but the one thing all Brits are united on is that the National Health Service is brilliant, when you're ill you only have to worry about getting better not will my insurance cover it.

  • Lmao thank you jeff haha this post has become a debate and for some an arguement or a togh topic to discuss I did not think it would get this many hits haha namate to all BE POSITIVE i just wanted to see who it helped and didnt help not argue or debate over other off topic stuff LOL good laughs though!

  • For heavensake HearYou Jeff1943 one of you back down lets put egos aside lets just chilllllllll why cant we be friends its a help forum not a im better than you are or im right your wrong or what ever category this is going into.. pleaseeeeeee lets all get along /: yall probably are giving people anxiety (not me) maybe even giving wach other anxiety

  • ok daddy

  • You've lost me there, Kev. It wasn't my ego I was promoting it was Claire Weekes' reputation I was defending.

  • No i know that im just saying you guys kept going back and forth lol ego may have been thr wrong word but maybe chat or arguement may have been better all i was trying to say was take it to private chat lol my notifications are off the chain rn

  • Hey, what happened to SpeaktheTruth? Helloooo? HUmmm.

  • Oh no you start that chat with him via PM lmao you and jeff could go on and on all night long im so glad my phone doesnt ping for the web browser otherwise id be up all night

  • Was just wonderin'...disappeared after one point blank reply.....hummm. :)

  • Yeah true i guess the poster thought it was pointless to argue or to chT idk lol

  • It is what it is. :)

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