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Is this actually anxiety?

I study performance, and I constantly stay up at night dreading my lessons because I feel like my peers look at me thinking 'why is she on this course if she's so nervous?' Because I shake, my breathing gets noticeable (my friend told me to calm down the other day) and I go red, and I can never make eye contact with audience members (my friends!) which guts me. I love acting - don't get me wrong. It's all I want to do for a career and go to Uni etc, but I worry I'll never be able to because of this intense fear I have. It's mainly the fact of saying or doing something wrong, even though I'm a perfectionist and will rehearse and practise lines at home on my own - even to the point of knowing everyone else's lines - and know I know them, I still dread waking up and having to do it. I'm not sure if this is just me being a sap, or what. It keeps me awake and prevents me from actually doing other subjects' work because I'm so wound up about performing all the time even though I love it and always have. That's why I got concerned. Any help?

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Hello,I think they call it stage fright don't they and it is normal,the more you perform the easier it will be.I am nearly 50 and been around a bit,3 weeks ago I had a series of exams,the first time since 1979.I could not believe how nervous I was,me,Mr been there,done that!Nerves get to us all,whats the worse that can happen.I would research famous actors to see how they felt at the start,many admit to hiding behind a character,you could be someone else,thats what its all about anyway,acting.You will be fine and remember me when you collect your first Oscar!Take care.


They say the best actors suffer from stage fright, but perhaps your experience is pretty severe.

Could help to learn some relaxation refer back to your successes and remember that, despite the fear, you can do it and do it well! Perhaps you might challenge your negative thoughts and try to think more positively, saying to yourself "I can do this" for you really can.

You could use some cbt can find lots about cbt Googling....

A short Cbt exercise goes like this

Sit down in a place where you will not be disturbed

Close your eyes if that feels ok to you

Take a slow deep breath and fully exhale

Notice the weight of your body against the seat and the sensation of your feet against the floor

Then notice the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe in and out

Ask yourself what you are,feeling at this mement, what body sensations there are and what thoughts are passing through your mind...just noticing, not making any attempt to change anything...allowing everything to be just as it is.....keeping note of your breath....all this done slowly and calmly

By bringing your full attention to the present moment you may find your mind clears a little

The exercise should take 3 minutes or so and you can do it as often as you like and the more you do it the easier it will become...hope you will find it helpful

Warmest wishes



I would suggest,you meditate on it.Meditation really helps to solve many problems and it also teaches you to be in stillness without any thought.You could also think as you re meditating while on the stage.

Love and happiness...


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