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Cloudy update

Three weeks ago, I posted and found so much support from everyone. It feels so good to not feel so alone. Well I have been back at work for two weeks and that for me is an achievement since only a few weeks back I could not get out of my bed. Its not easy and every day I find myself being challenged about my negative thinking. I have also started to be paranoid and thinking that everyone thinks that I am incapable of my job.

I also seem to be forgetting to take my tablets every day, could it be impacted so quickly if I forget for only one day? Thanks for everyone who has supported me it really has helped me move a step forward to recovery

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Great Cloudy , really pleased for you , you are doing so well , dont let your head tell you otherwise , & you are more than capable at doing your job , little bit of anxiety maybe trying to tell you different , tell it to do one , you are not listening lol

No one tab wont make a difference , says somewhere if you miss one dont worry , just take one next day , you would have to miss a few to make a difference

Keep using the site , help others & get support yourself :)





Thanks why why . Hope your feeling better too


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