Hi just wanted to say that I have picked up alittle since my last blog. I am working really hard with my Pschologist on positive thinking as I always think the worst in any given situation. I'm also learning how to feel emotions again as all I tend to feel is anxiety as my body is so sensitive to that feeling. I have had some good periods because I'm beginning to accept anxiety in my day. It is not my monster that controls me. At the moment I'm exhausted as all this work has put my mind in overdrive and I'm not sleeping. But this is the next step in my recovery... Slow and steady... Up and downs. I will get there maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day soon. And boy what a journey I have had. Thank you guys for always believing in me ; )


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  • Well done jayne we are all richer for this journey we travel, good to hear you sound so positive, keep accepting and one day you will stop yourself short and realise it's gone.

  • Thanx huni I think my Pschologist is really helping she really understands as she has been in our shoes. How are you getting on? X

  • I've given up on any therapy and just going with the ride. Not always easy but I figure if it's coming from within the cure must be in there somewhere and if I can't tease it out I am not quite sure anyone will. That might sound a bit negative but I'm actually doing fairly well with it. x

  • Hi. hollow. Some time since we spoke. Hope you keep up the way you are because it sounds right for you. You are not being negative. I regard what you have said as a very positive thought. Did you read my blog 'Giant Despair'? That is exactly what I am saying. We all have the answers inside of us but with the lack of self confidence that goes with this awful complaint, we do not always appreciate it. I hasten to say that your way may not be everyone's. We all walk to a different drummer, but you seem to be doing well on it! Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Hi Jonathan I would never expect anyone to follow me, my way is my own and although we share the same sun, moon and stars my path is mine alone. If therapy, medication, use of this site, herbal remedies, meditation or just plain old voodoo helps people then I wish them all the best that is within them.

  • Hi Jayne, I'm so glad you are feeling a little better : ) . I find it really interesting what you wrote about emotions. I have found myself devoid of a lot of different emotions lately and didn't realise why?. Now I do....thank you sweetheart xxxxxxxxxx

  • I know huni I had a panic attack whilst I was with my Pschologist and she made me stop and ask myself what I was actually feeling... For me it was sadness so she told me to let it out and I sobbed. Afta I felt much better and tha anxiety was gone!!! What happens is that anxiety is the one emotion we know all to well and we automatically go to what we know best. I have got to learn to dig alittle further to see what I'm truely feeling and let it go. It's hard but I'm giving it a go. Thank u for ure reply. Together we wil become strong. Much love. Xx

  • Hi. jayne. You use that funny little word 'accept' and to me it is the key to the whole thing, although it's not easy, is it? You sound as if you are really picking up. One's emotions get overpowered by anxiety. Sometimes you wonder if you will ever be able to love anyone again.

    But we do and we will!! Good luck with the work. Yes, slow and steady Love. jonathan.

  • Johnathan again you are so kind in your wise words. I'm slowly beginning to accept anxiety into my daily life and really relax into once it comes. Through kinds words of support I know I wil become the person I deserve to be. Slow and steady. I have to accept the good days but also that to get the good I have to accept the bad. Thank you for always being there to support us all. ; )

  • Hi. jayne. Interestingly you use the words 'deserve to be'. Not what most of us put, 'used to be'. There is a big difference! 'Used to be' is going back to what you were before. Deserve to be is what everyone of us is entitled to be; happy and at peace. It will come. Love. jonathan.

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