B4 i got to bed

Hi all before I go to bed i just wanted to say you are all doing so well :) this is more than a site it is A FAMILY.

I hope you all have a nice night or day where ever you are in this world, and just remember when things feel bad they do not stay like that for ever! you all have a family on this site from the new members to the the people that I look up to on here.

Good night all sweet dreams.



8 Replies

  • Hi Trip

    Glad to see you blogging

    Good night to you as well


  • Dear Trip,

    Thank you. Have a good night and sweet dreams

    warmest regards,


  • Well said trip x

  • Nice,

  • Hiya Trip

    Thank you and i totally agree we are all like one big Family trying to conquer our fears helping each other along the way.

    Have a lovely day

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Yes. Great to know we are not on our own !

  • Thanks Trip I'm having a bad day and it's good to know we are all hear for each other.

  • Sorry to hear you are having a bad day Copdber is everything ok?

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