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Y do i act like this?

Ok so i dunno y but i just ate sum cookies without realiseing there was bits of hazlenut in them. Im not even allergic to nuts but y does it go round my mind that i am? Is anyone else like this ova the same thing or sumthing similer? Ive had this in my head for yrs. But wen i think about it i eat all different kinds of foods. I know people with with it and they have to read the contents before they eat anything. So if i eat everything how can i be? Come on ignore that side of ur mind donna xxx

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Do you no , I was just thinking about you & ready to put a call out , party tonight , hope you are coming , we will avoid nuts ;)

I have problems thinking i am allergic to every med going even a flippin vitamin

I have eaten things before then felt strange ..well stranger than usual & then panicked it must be what I have eaten , i think I am allergic to fish oil , even though i eat fish !!!

Think this looks like another anxiety symptom here we are having , yes i do talk to myself as well saying get a grip

Hope you come later to Minnies party





Its really bringing the anxiety on and i wud say its another anxiety symptom. Thats y im feeling panicky not cuz of 3 or 4 cookies with bits of it in. The dogs ate most of them so i havent even had many, and there probley one or two bits in each one. Im just trying to tell myself its the anxiety doing it. Shout at me plz, mite stop the panicking coming more then it it is. Yea i mite c u there in abit xxx


Hi hun funny you shoul say this but since i heard about that child having an allergic reaction it did the same to me i love anything nutty and for a while it put me off and even put me off my sat night curry which takes alot i had it with paracetamol as well because i had took citalopram and had a really bad headache i was desperate to take them but then it set me into worrying all night again its awful i know but you are fine it would have happened straight away hun try and focus on something else hard i know but you will be ok xxxxxx


It''s really annoying the bizarre thoughts that anxiety can put in our heads. I love roasted peanuts but sometimes find myself panicking that I have somehow developed an allergy since I last had them which really spoils my enjoyment of them. Sheffield is right though, any allergic reaction is pretty much instantanious!!! It's just anxiety trying to creep in.

Hope you're ok now.




Hi fadedlizard hope you ok hun not spoke for a while you doing ok xxxxx


Hi Sheffield,

I've been submerged by problems at work recently which is why I've been so quiet. Pushing myself too much though and have had to have an enforced day off today as my IBS has flared up. Still can't seem to see my limits until I've passed them :(

Hope you're doing ok




Hi donaf,

I get this but not with food. Similar ish. I often think I have some kind of terminal illness from the slightest thing that I discover, a pain here, a twinge there! You know the immediate thought I have afterwards.... Bet my family would be sorry they didn't bother about me when they find out I'm dying. I get a grip quite quickly nowadays, but always used to be at the docs with this complaint or that. So hard to see outside of the box sometimes though. Love n hugs xxx


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