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hi all have a gr eat 2014 to y all hope yare all wel take care tigeress

hope y have all had a great time not to drunk i hope wiht all the pressie s and excitemnt i had a very low time did nt wan tot put my tree up but thne buy pressie then all the mony is short ist cna make y feeel worse im hoping to make new friends on here and encouragemnt bets wishes to y all tigeress xx

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Hi & Welcome

Happy New Year to you to , I hope 2014 will be kind to all of us :-)

We are a friendly bunch on here & I am sure you will make friends soon & everyone will welcome you :-)

Look forward to talking to you more





hi whywhy thanx for the lovely welocme hope yare ok nad survived chritsmas a busy time im from glos i m fairly new on here i hope ot make lost of friends for support im up and down but im copign than lets hope that 2014 wil be a great start for us all best wishes tigeressxx



I am not to bad thank you :-)

I think we all have an of day from time to time & it is so nice as when we are we can come on here & people understand

We like to hear when people are happy & good things are happening for them as well :-)

You will find some posts will have a little banter & humor which helps get a lot of people through :-)

Hope you will feel comfortable to post which ever you are feeling :-)



hi whywhy thanx for message do y know of anyone who had ibs on here its making me feel worse its not helping my anxiety i had it over chirtsmas rich food but the tunny keep comign back when i go out now i panic am i goign to have ut tirgeresss



A lot of us suffer with IBS on here as well as upset stomachs , I get IBS to

You have answered why it will have been playing up as well as extra anxiety that this time of year can bring the rich food certainly doesn't help , Christmas Eve & Christmas Day I was feeling ill with it

I used to take meds prescribed by my GP & they did work for a few years , then they seemed to stop working as well so I changed my diet & now I no like now what foods will make it worse & if I eat them I will pay the price , but I also take a teaspoon of Manuka Honey 10+ you can buy it from Tesco it is 10 pounds a jar but lasts you a couple of weeks & it does seem to settle my stomach , I know it may not work for everyone but it has helped me

If I think I might need to keep running to the toilet & I have to go any where I take an Imodium gives me reassurance

I don't know if any of this will help

Maybe if you did a post asking about IBS more will see it & you will get some better advise :-)



Hi WhyWhy,

I noticed you take Manuka Honey, I receive e-mails from Holland & Barrett, and they have 1p sales, buy one for the normal price and get the other for 1p. I love Manuka Honey, I sometimes get the 6+, but I love it in root ginger tea, or just a spoonful, by itself, it does help with IBS.

All the best for the New Year, by the way I was fine in the pub, a little tense, after our boxing day walk, but I also drove my son & myself home, had a bath, relaxed and went to my friends party for a few hours. I was very proud of myself.

I wish you good health and thanks for all your kind words.

Eunice xx


Hi Eunice

Yes I have been taking it over the last year

When my stomach is really bad I take 3 teaspoons a day but otherwise just the one , I read it works better with the 10+ so I have always used that one , I am very surprised after all the meds I had been given how the honey worked so well :-)

Well done going to the pub & driving home that was fantastic , no wonder you feel proud


Wishing you all the best for the New Year :-)



hi whywhy thanx for the encouragemnt i have gone donw wiht a nasty cold so im very frutrated its going around ive got so much to do this week clearing up ect im from glos where are y from take care tigeress x


Oh sorry you have come down with this cold , seems to be going about again , I had it before Christmas

Do what you can & leave the rest , you need to look after yourself :-)



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