How do I beat this fear ?

Anyone get the feeling that they will collapse or suddenly die it's a terrible feeling especially with the physical symptoms and's very scary I slept in hospital parking lot last night because I was so petrified I'm thankful to be alive everyday I'm just confused on why this pain is so severe and the feelings are so real if it's all in my mind I feel like it's killing me..


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  • That is the fear that everyone wants to get rid of, I"m sure most people here have experienced it while dealing with their anxiety. Are you having physical symptoms or are they mostly mental/emotional symptoms? I can tell you that fear feeds fear, the more you fear something the more fearful you will be of it. One thing that is HARD to do, however makes a world of difference is to accept your feelings for what they are, feelings! It is anxiety and panic that is creating these feelings and this fear. A quote from Claire Weeks pops into my head "strength can only be formed from weakness and fear". So you need to take that weakness and fear and try to get some strength from those feelings. Trust me easier said than done as I've been dealing with anxiety, depression, and panic for 10 years. But it can be done!

  • Thank you and it's more of the physical symptoms that are frightening they feel so real I'm scared no one will believe me until something bad happens if anxiety didn't have physical pains I would probably be okay dealing with the mental symptoms but it has physically changed me and my body I want it to stop because it isn't good for my heart and I have health anxiety about my heart I'm scared it's going to stop or fail or even heart attack I'm about to start Prozac 20 mg I'm scared to take it because of side effects but I'm hoping it will work I don't want to be on meds the rest of my life

  • Read some of my replies, last Halloween I ended up at the ER because of my health anxiety. I've had multiple ecg's, multiple complete blood panels, troponin test, 48 hour holter monitor, and even a stress echo test. All the tests came back normal and fine. I started to 'fear the fear' and it sent me spiraling out of control to that point. Chest pains, accelerated heart rate, missed beats, hot all the time, etc. I KNOW how scary this can be since I have been through it myself recently. I'm not 100% better but I'm a lot better than I was.

  • This morning I drove to the hospital parking lot while I waited for my test results to come in from the doctor.. I was like well at least I'm here close if something happens to me.

    I'm 25 and have two kids. I want to be normal.. I don't want to worry I'm gonna die bc my chest hurts everyday.

    Man.. what a life

  • Jozelyn, have you been to see your doctor about the pains, you probably have but if you haven't do see your doc, it will bring you reassurance. If your doctor says there are no physical problems then those pains must beanxiety. Anxiety can affect every and any part of your body by working through your nervous system. Anxiety is very goon at mimicing real physical illness, we've all been fooled by it sometime.

    The good news id that anxiety can't make you collapse and die, it really can't, that's just the fear within you caused by your over sensitised nerves. So really don't forsake the comfort of your bed for an uncomfortable car seat in a draughty hospital car park, it really isn't necessary.

    Your doctor thinks you will benefit from a course of Prozac but you won't take them because of the side effects, but how'd you know you'll experience side effects if you haven't tried them? And no reason to think that a course of any medication means you'll be taking them for life.

    As Loveydovey says, just accept these symptoms of anxiety for the time being, stop fighting them and stressing over them, that just causes more fear which anxiety feeds on. Accepting them means you're not adding extra fear to your already sensitised nervous system giving it a chance to heal. Try it.

  • Thanks you actually made me laugh lol the doctors have checked everything and all is swell and normal but anxiety physically is a pain in the ass

  • I do all the time feel so weak think I going to collapse.

  • That's the worst feeling for me

  • I will just be sitting around feel like I'm going to faint that's the worst for me also afraid to do anything.

  • Yes I get this more or less every day I've felt like that for 3 years now but u need to keep telling yourself as real as it feels ur brain is a strong thing that can make u feel anything, I'm still

    Battling with mine but I won't give up, some days I feel like I should because when it's at it's worst I feel like I'm being tortured from the inside and each time it's so frightening but something will work for us all we just have to be positive an living every day is proof that our symptoms won't actually harm us

  • I'm thankful that it cannot harm us it just feels like it can and it is my biggest fear is that it's a something they haven't found yet and I'm trying to overcome that thought the pain is so real how could it possibly be anxiety lol but I'm slowly learning how to accept and move on.

  • Yup every single day for the minute I wake up until my eyes close I think I am dying . Every pain I get in my chest, arm and back I think is a heart attack. Living like this is horrible! So yeah, you're not alone because I know exactly how you feel.

  • It just seems so real it's scary. But it's nice to know your not alone because I started to think that for along time.

  • Looks like we aren't alone .

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