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Anxiety can cause weight loss !!!!

i am 31 now ... i had a panic attack before but i could not able to figure out what was that went to hospital and they said you don't have any thing .. just get a company or get married :) i was like what ??

after some days I have an another attack the same kind ,, this time doctor put me for medication past 3 month i am into medication .. but during all this the major issue what i face was weight loss .. i was 73 now 68 kg ... but it is constant from 4 month ,, can any one let me know what should i do to gain weight and improve my digestion ,,, like i stop eating non-veg .

Some one can help that will be nice .

God bless every one .


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some people can loose weight through anxiety , others can put it on , think I am the latter

Nervous energy , can cause weight loss , I no people like this , maybe you are one of them

You could just check with your GP , just to write anything else out , even though i am sure nothing will be wrong , but will give you peace of mind

Vitamin B complex & other things in health shop , can help to make you eat , if you go in & ask they are very helpful

Try and eat small meals , snacks & often , no matter how small , by the sounds of things you dont have to watch calories , so I would go for things that are high in calories , where I have to look at things that are low in them

Try not to focus to much in how much you weigh , will cause more stress , ask GP , & as long as they are happy , try not to worry , even though I no thats not always easy

As you get better you may find you start to put the weight back on

Let us no how you go on





Thank you so much "Whywhy" support has made me feel good and given me a hope . I am sure that some day I will over come all worries which comes in .. and I know after all this I will be a very strong person .

People around the world suffer from this issue .. but the worse is that no one understand except yourself , because you seems normal to every one but internally you are fighting with devil inside you .. of-course it does effect job ,,and your social life as well ..but I must say Vitamin B complex helped me a lot . may need some time to fix this thing .. I am In medication to control my anxiety ..but above all regular berating exercise and meditation also helping me a lot .

Strong believe in good also makes me come down . I am doing much better as of now :)

First thing in morning to go for yoga and then pray to god . This is helping me a lot.




Wishing you all the best , use this site for support as well , everyone understands




I would like to reassure you. 6 months ago I was really ill with anxiety and depression and despite eating as much as I could my weight dropped drastically. I lost 6kg in a very short space of time it is frightening. As whywhy says try to eat little and often and try not to focus too much on it. Try wrapping yourself in a blanket and practise slow deep breaths to calm you. Try to make sure you are drinking enough water too. Things will improve but it is a slow process. There are some great people on this site who will get you through this you are not alone. take care xx


Hi Eve39,

Thank you so much for your valuable tips .. I do make sure that every day I drink 4 L of water .. more over every day morning I take 1 L of water ... Deep breathing very important for mental health and whole body !!!

Thank u for help !!!

Also this video also help me a lot.

Thanks Eve39

God bless you !!!



I suffer from the exact same thing. It really doesn't help that I have a fast metabolism as it is. When I initially struggled with anxiety and depression I couldn't eat a thing. I felt physically sick when I tried to eat, I've always been like that when I'm stressed. My stomach just gets acidy and I can't eat. I agree with the above replies. Eat small a often. I had to force myself to eat the smallest of things but somtimes I found I was OK. I would sit through the sickly feeling, and then the indigestion, and little by little (although by no means quickly) it started to shift. It took ma long time to get my weight back on but I am back to normal now :)



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