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There is so much going on in my life right now .. My kids finely moved in to my mums house today still got one more court that is next month for them all it is about is giving special guardianship to my mum and step dad iam so happy that my kids finely are living with my mum they were in care for 8 months we also got are first court for the baby this week i just hope he gos to my mums too right now he is still in care as they are not putting me in a mother and baby unit i had my first visit with my baby on Thursday i have not seen him since birth it was so lovely to see him and spend time with him but when it was time to live my heart broke as i had to say goodbye again its been a lot this year i have my strong days but some times i have my sad days too i am scared for whats going to happen at court for the baby i want to try and look for a job as i need to do something with my self and get my own place its time to change my life around to get my kids back in the future


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  • My heart goes out to you but keep thinking positive and you can do it. Please keep in touch and good luck with the court case. 💐

  • Glitterangel,

    So, although there is so much going on in your life, you shared some very happy news with us...your children were given to your mother like you wanted and you had a visit with you infant son yesterday. Thank you for sharing with all of us, because sometimes it is a long time before I see good news here. You made my heart feel very warm, and I hope all good things for you as you continue to work to put your life in order. :)

  • Aww good luck with the court hope it goes the way you want and you do manage to turn yah life around I belive in you and I know you can do this and be strong good luck xxx

  • Hi glitterangle03, How overjoyed I am in the return of your children to your mom's house. This has been a long time coming but it did happen. Try to think positive with the next court date and your son. One step at a time in moving forward. Keeping you in my thoughts. I feel things are already starting to change for you. Please keep us updated. x

  • thank you everyone i will keep on letting everyone know how things are going :)

  • :) x

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