Feels like today is gonna be a bad day 😔

The moment I opened my eyes this morning I just knew it was going to be a bad day for me. Had trouble falling asleep then staying asleep woke up anxious, tense muscles, shakey and feeling shattered through lack of sleep. Just can’t face today 😔 I just want to crawl into bed and stay there forever. My legs also feel very achy and heavy is it even possible to feel tension in your legs?


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  • You just described everything I'm going through this morning I don't know if it's cuz it's damp and humid probably slept 2 hours and have to be at work in a little while. Feel better soon

  • I think this time if year makes mornings worse and a bad nights sleep doesn't help. Hang on in there it can only get better.

  • Does it matter, Amanda? At least you can practice acceptance which can lead to a lasting cure when you're feeling bad. You can't practice acceptance when you're feeling fine. Of course, you'd like it to just go away and wake up every morning feeling good for the rest of your life. We all would. But it's not going to - so we have to work our ticket to recovery. And that doesn't mean spending the day in bed. Once you utterly accept those symptoms for the time being you start the process of desensitisation of your nervous system that will give you back your life. So float on, Amanda, just float through your day accepting it all. Say: "I'm not feeling too great today, so what? Does it really matter? I'd prefer to feel fine. But I can still get on with my day so who cares if my legs feel heavy and I'm anxious? There's no reason fir that to hold me back. Not me! I'll get through today regardless so I'm not bothered. Anxiety, I laugh in your face!"

    Say that and mean it and you'll stop feeding the beast with fear. And you'll be well on your way along the Yellow Brick Road to recovery with the rest of us. Why not?

  • The restless sleep is also a side effect of the citalopram but it does go away.. hope you feel better!

  • I really think no matter what techniques you use to try and get better, a good nights sleep is so important, perhaps ask your doc for some short term help with that.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words had a better sleep last nyt so hope todays a better day 😀

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