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new here


I am new here having seen my CPN this morning she recommended i pop in and say hi .

I suffer severe aniexty as i guess many of you are . ( weird as it sounds i am glad you do as i realise that i am not alone )

I have a long term partner but we do not live together i can cope reasonably well when he is about he can see and pick up the signs of my aniexty where i dont seem to be able to do while alone .

and alone God i hate it i just cant do any thing, I struggle even thinking for myself when he is not around . i hate being this dependant on another human being ,.

No body else seems to have the same calming effect that he does and so being apart from him is really hard ,.

i have had panic attacks and have been admitted to hosp as they thought i was having a heart attack .

i am just hoping to find others near and far in the same situation and to have some one to chat to who understands .

hope i havent said to much right now,.


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Hi Barbie,

Welcome to the site :) I have suffered from anxiety for around a year now and this site helped me so much. Just having the people to talk to who actually understood what I was going through.

It's great that your partner is so supportive and makes you feel at ease. A lot of people don't understand the effects of anxiety, I know it took my bf a long time.

I too was admitted to hospital and had to wear a heart monitor for a month and everything came back fine. Having that reassurance from the hospital gave me confidence that I was OK health wise and I just had to stay strong.

I found that when I was on my own I threw myself into small things that I really enjoyed or took my mind off my symptoms (although it took me weeks to fully be able to do this) I really embraced having a cup of tea in the morning, walking my dog and taking in the sites on our outings, and allowing myself time to really get into my books and having bubble baths.

I would say give yourself time and take small steps. Going through the horrible period actually made me a different person. I have developed hobbies I never knew I would enjoy, and I try not to let life scare me.

If ever you want a chat just drop me a message and I am sure so many other people on here can relate :)



Hi Barbie

You have found the right place , lots of support & people who understand :-)

Dont give yourself a hard time, you are lucky you have someone understanding in your life & its OK to depend on people when we need to ...slowly you will get better & be less independant on him

Keep posting , join in , & a big welcome





Hi barbie

I'm fairly new to this site but not to anxiety and depression. Saying a big hello right back and say welcome this site has some great people who totally understand and will help you. Take small steps and Keep posting xx


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