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Operation countdown

Today I made the decision to move forward with an operation that I need. It's a small operation but I think the fact that I have a choice to go through with it is making it feel surreal. On the morning I am going to wake up and be driven to hospital, knowing what is going to take place. It almost feels wrong.

I made the phone call today to confirm that I want to go through with it (although my mind is fighting itself at the moment) I just know that in the long run it is going to make a difference. Now I have the flutters. I know I can manipulate myself into reducing the anxiety and go into it in a confident way, as I did with my recent fear of flying, just right now that feels quite far away and I'm already thinking about the anxiety I will feel nearer the time. It's going to be a good few weeks of mental commitment. And I'm sure it will hinder my sleep tonight to.

Power of the mind and all that :) On the day of my next consultation I also have a dentist appointment! Double whammy! I don't make life easy for myself do I. Lol.


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Well done , facing your fears & as you say it will be for the better

When something is coming up like you have , what I do is tell myself , if when it gets to the day , I dont want to do it , I still have a choice , that way it makes me feel I am still in control

It works for me as well as living in the day

Good luck , i no you are strong & with support , you will do this





Thanks whywhy. Thats exactly what my partner said, ive not signed my life away and I still have a choice. Ive just got to keep in mind that it is quick and will be worth it :-)



Good advice


HI, im in hospital this friday for a procedure which was optional but i dont see any other way out other than letting them investigate. my anxiety levels are quite high and i know that friday morning i wont even be able to walk in a striaght line. im so anxious its making me sick. oh what id give to get rid of this feeling. well done for going ahead, hope you dont have to wait too long it makes it harder all the build up to it. good luck and best wishes xxxxxxxx


Hi sam. How strange that we are going through the same thing. I hope everything goes ok. Keep us informed. I think I will have about 2-3 months to wait but im going to use that time to build my confidence :-)

Good luck for tomorrow xxx


Good luck and you will be fine!! Be thinking of you xx


Thank you minnie xxx


Thank you for the lovely words everyone. I had a bit of a rough night last night. I think I let it get to me. But definitely think its the right thing xxx


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