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Missed heart beats?

I get missed beats and have done for years but the most I get is 2/3 a day. Between 11-11.30 tonight I had about 4 I rang nhs direct concerned n told them that I also suffer from chest pain and so worried about my heart I've had ECGs seen cardiologist etc. nhs direct were happy I'm ok. In the last 10 mins I've had about 3/4. Does anyone else get lots? Never had this before xx

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I get it all the time,your heart doesnt miss beats,it just feels like it does,too much nicotine,alchohol can set it off,missed beats are not dangerous at all,also indigestion can aggravate this condition,exercise helps xx

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Yep for some months now relaxation helps me get an app for your phone there great try relax or even better relax+

Deep breathing as well


Hi Maria1207,

Yes I get this all the time and I hate it. I agree with Warkie. If you actually take your pulse at this time if you can, the heart is actually beating fine. I get indigestion really bad with my anxiety and it makes my heart feel like it's fluttering all the time. The fact that you are breathing fine and thinking logically at the time just proves that you are OK :) that's what I always tell myself.


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