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Fed up

Started propanolol yesterday for my chest symptoms and been doing well since. A few moments where my chest felt funny but nothing major. I fell asleep on sofa tonight, just woke up and came to bed n noticed a burning sensation in chest right where my ribs join in middle at bottom. I'm now on edge and awake. I am so tired and just want to sleep! Telling myself it's nothing my heart is fine I've had tests but so hard! Xxxx

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Years ago similar problem. Like my chest was crushed and really painful and it wasn't a one-off. Some doorstep church people came and I was feeling so bad I cried. They were so kind and the chap explained the technicalities of what extreme tension & anxiety can do to you. A cloud lifted! I wasn't unique, just hearing how my chest felt so tense helped so much + having someone to pour problems out to was good. Didn't change my religion, but have never forgotten their kindness. Also.... could it be heartburn or indigestion? Gaviston is good.


Yeah I've had the burning since midnight now so it must be heartburn. But I seem to be getting all my other symptoms now that I'm trying to sleep. Little pains and tightness and I'm getting my missed beats. Find it hard when I get all the symptoms together. Especially at night :( xxx


Hi maria i have same love really bad burning in my chest i keep telling myself its heart burn and then last night it was like my eyes was shut but was awake and kept getting a pain in my chest was so worried got up feeling dizzy shakey and as if i wasnt on this planet it so set me off feeling down and worried that it isnt normal i have my heart monitor fitted monday and so hope this is gona help cos this is getting me down now but am trying to occupy myself and put it at the back of my mind but it keeps creeping forward so i so understand how you feeling maria its awful and really upsets us hope you ok hun xxxx


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