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So Fed Up - Sorry

It is four in the morning (I know a song with those words) and although I seemed fine last with good results for my mammogram, I am now in terrible pain with a bowel blockage which is caused by the many adhesions I have inside my body after so many operations. I phoned the Doctor yesterday and he always sends me into Hospital but he told me what to take to try and relieve the blockage but nothing has happened. My Husband will be up in an hour for work then the Terrible 2, Daughter and Granddaughter who are staying with us for another 6 - 8 weeks whilst her house purchase goes through and cause havoc in the house and I am so glad that they have gone by 8.00 and my Friend who cleans for me is coming over at 7.30 until 8.30 (I do pay her) then I am on my own. I then can listen to my music through my Bluetooth headphones. I do not have the TV on during the day at all I just listen to Radio 2. Vanessa Feltz has just started so it is 5.00. I am going to wait a while before taking some morphine for the pain. Nothing at all can be done to help adhesions. 1 in 10 get adhesions after operations and I have bad pains where I had my appendix out when I was 14. Sorry for moaning. Have a good day everyone.

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I have just taken some morphine and I am hopefully going to have a quiet day by myself and our dog.


Hope your pain eases,and maybe you can get some rest.x



Don't worry about moaning, it's not nice to be in pain.

You seemed to have a good plan worked out for the day with the radio on etc. I hope the morphine helps and you have a peaceful day.

Gardener x



I have just read your post and I am sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain, you are not moaning you are telling us how you are feeling. I do hope your pain eases and you are able to listen to your music and relax.

Take care Kenny


Thank you for your good wishes. My Doctor phoned and said I could up my morphine if I wanted. From the age of 15 when I had my appendix out I lost my first baby Son, 13 miscarriages and 56 trips to the operating theatre for operation after operation but I will try and not let things get me down. I have just shopped for groceries on line and I am going to listen to my music and watch the 2nd Series of Tenko on my ipad. xxx



I hope you feel better and your morphine is working.

I know what it is like to be in pain having a chronic illness myself.



Sorry to hear you are in pain.

Sending you a hug

Hannah x


Hi sundaychild,

I m very sorry to hear about your pain, and I can assure you it does,n't sound like moaning to me. In fact you remind me of myself. I have a spine problem and have difficulty in lying down (too painful) so I usually wake between 2 am and 4 am put on radio 2 boil the kettle fill a hot water bottle, and make a cup of coffee, sit at my PC take a morphine pill and 2 solpodol and as the pain gradually subsides.I put on radio 2 on the PC, really enjoy the radio, then read the daily mail on line.

So I really know how you feel, and what your going through, May I wish you all my best, and hope your pain goes away as soon as possible, keep your chin up but I must confess Vanessa is not my favourite, the guy who's on before her, is the best.

Wish you well




I reiterate what people are saying, you are not moaning, just expressing how you feel, and that sounds pretty bad to me. Anytime you wish to state how you feel please do so. You sound as though you have had many problems. I wish you a pain free time, and send you some hugs. xx



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