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Cloudy days

After my initial question and all the support that followed I wanted to share my progress . I had a good day yesterday and managed to get off with a friend for coffee . Yet , today the dark dog is back . I have slept and been over eating chocolate , then the guilt about over eating too any one else have a connection with eating disorder? Thanks again to all you great people .

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hi cloudy i went through a stage of not eating at all but as my anxiety has got slightly better this week apart from the last couple of days i have eaten like a pig and like you seen to be binging on chocolate alot or crisps i will be glad when i can start going out on my bike again maybe fresh air will do me good and take some of this anxiety away xx


Tell me about it. My best comfort food is cheesy smash with lashings of mayo, corned beef and coleslaw! But sometimes it's the only thing that's quite correct. Don't feel guilt we all must have our little pleasures. X


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