Daily Sickness

Hi Everyone.

Can you tell me if anyone gets daily sickness? Its mainly just nausea although sometimes am sick?? Its really affects your daily life and obviously you are unable to eat a lot of the time?? the lightheadedness and headaches i can just about live with but for the sickness is a different story? can anyone relate to this and any idea's. xxx


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10 Replies

  • Hi love yes i can relate to this my anxiety has caused so many discomfort to me its unreal but lately have been suffering from terrible nausea esp in the morning so i know how you feel but i think its due to getting anxious before going anywhere it is hard love but you will get past it xxxxxx

  • Hi.

    Thank you for your reply it really is the hardest thing i ever have had to deal with, Always shocks me how your mind can give you such terrible symtons Good luck.x

  • Hi Miami,

    Yes I get so sick of feeling sick lol. I find a big contributor to it is tiredness. If I don't get a good sleep my head will be spinning, my eyes will feel glazed and I'll feel sick all day. Sometimes I can eat my lunch and will not be able to stomach anything else for the rest of the day because it makes me feel so nauseous. When I get up early and walk the dog in the morning I find I am having to stand still and hunch over slightly because the feeling is so strong.

    I think another thing that doesn't help is stomach acid. When my anxiety is at its peak I get a really acidy stomach and I can't eat for days afterwards.

    I hope you feel better.


  • Hi Mandy.

    Its so hard for me not to think i'm dying of some sort of cancer feeling like this, Its also hard trying to get people who have never had this to understand, People just don't get it and its soooo frustrating. I'm not stressed or depressed so why do i feel like this?? Do you find you get a lot od heartburn aswell?? also do you take anything for it??

    Take care

    Jason xxx

  • Hi jason. I know what you mean. I went through a phase of thinking every ache and pain I had was cancer, and that I had something wrong with my heart and it was only a matter of time before I was going to die. I used to take my pulse constantly.

    I really dont know why these strange feelings come up. I know when my anxiety started I was really stressed and down and I think it was my bodies way of saying I need to calm down.

    I do have really bad heart burn. Do you find (without sounding too disgusting) that you burp a lot? It adds to the nauseous feeling I get. Ive never taken any meds for my anxiety and I just tend to sit through the heartburn and burping. I do take peptobismol if its really bad.


  • Hi.

    Yes do find you burp a lot aswell lol. Its hard to know what to do as i don't want to take any anti-depressants, Maybe councilling is the answer? I went on holiday with my cousin last week and was really ill with anxiety all week until i landed at gatwick, Need to do something as can't carry on like this never wanting to go away or do anything anymore just want to fill like i used too. xxx

  • Hi.

    Talking of heartburn forgot to mention do you ever get any blood in your mucas?? I noticed a bit in my mouth the last two or three days freaked me out a bit which is really bad in our situation.

  • Hi Jason. I replied to this in the wrong place. My reply is below :-)

  • Hi Jason. Sorry for my late reply. I've never had blood in my mucus. I would perhaps go to the doctors with this if you find it keeps happening. Maybe keep an eye on it. I'm not sure if inflammation of the throat could cause this with acid reflux but I think it is definitely worth getting checked out. X

  • Hi there, I have been suffering from nausea and sickness since I went on a job interview a month ago, it was a brilliant job, brilliant pay and they gave me the job straight away. Catch? None, I could even work from home, I just couldn't stop being sick after the interview, I couldn't eat, was waking in the night until 2 days later I had to tell them I couldn't start yet and I explained what had happened. I've had social anxiety (usually have nerves weeks before an event) but it had got tremendously better, until this interview. I have found a herbal remedy that I've started using again over the last few days called NewRelax by Potters, (Holland and Barrat do it) it takes the edge off the nerves and tension. Also visit 'hypnosisdownloads.com' they have an amazing range of mp3s covering a huge range of subjects that can help to put to rest some of those inner demons. In the mornings, if you're blood sugar drops, your body produces adrenalin to release insulin into the blood to raise your sugar levels. The result can mean you have a load of adrenalin racing around the body with nowhere to go! Hence the panic. Check your diet NO.1 cause of problems in the body. Smoking, drinking too much, unbalanced diet, be kind to your body as this may be its way of telling you you're not! Would love to know if you've managed to find anything to help your situation, take care and smile.

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