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what medication are you on? (only anxiety related)

I was wondering what medication people are on for anxiety only? I am so far not on any (still doing tests).

However I have heard bad stories about SSRI's. I remember an ex-gf using seroxat and she didnt have a good experience. I also know people on fluoxetine (prozac) but the side effects seem just as bad as Seroxat. I also don't particually like the idea of taking a drug everyday.

I am dubious about taking meds, especially meds that seem to have loads of side effects. I know Valium is rarely given but can people tell me how good these work on anxiety, especially the anxiety itch.

is there a medication that you can use just when it's extremely bad, oppossed to all the time? or any other alternative medication?

many thanks,

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My doctor prescribed mitrazapine when I was very bad and it really helped, I feel like it saved my life,,,,, i had a breakdown couldnt eat or sleep and was in a bad way.... that was 8 years ago, I came off it but went back on when my dad died and I am still on them but I dont care, I would rather take a tablet than feel like that, dont get me wrong I can still have anxiety symptoms sometimes , so it doesnt numb you, but thats a good thing. If im particularly bad and having a panic attack, I take diazepam only 2mg but these help me. I hope this is of some use!! xx


many thanks for the reply anne64. sorry to hear about your troubles, I would definately be on meds if that happened to me.

I can't see myself taking SSRI's to be honest. I have had recreational use with valium and know the score with benzo's and how they can be addictive. have taken benadryl today and the itch is all but gone (to be honest that was effecting me more than the heart). I feel fine today (another fingers crossed day hoping that it will continue). Feeling more positive just hope it continues.


Paroxetine (Seroxat) and fluoxetine are good medicines for anxiety, but I agree they do have some drawbacks. Seroxat can cause a discontinuation syndrome which can be annoying or at worst painful and fluoxetine can cause agitation on initiation. Sertraline would be the medicine of choice is one is worried about withdrawal or agitation on initiation.

All medicines have side-effects and it is about finding one that suits you. Medicines such as sertraline are very good for treating the symptoms of anxiety and are generally well tolerated by most people.

Diazepam (and similar medicines -benzodiazepines) are only useful in the short term to help one calm down while the antidepressant starts to work. The 'good' calming effect of diazepam soon wears off especially when it is taken regularly; not to mention the potentially addictive nature of them on continued use.


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