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not blogd for a while felt better but not anymore

after my attack on the rugby pitch I have fel abit better than I usualy have been feeling I no its my fault I constaly worry about my health always looking to find things wrong with me I also cant sleep I can always hear my pulse I fell like I vibrate also at training I thing I feel dizzy but I bet I don't and I am also constantly feeling my heart at training its ruinging my life know!!!!

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Hey fella,

It's odd isnt it. I seriously didnt believe it could be anxiety when they said it could be a possibility (they're still looking into it, but deep down I know it is). As a "manly man" type of guy, I got to the football most weekends, spend the weekends on the beer. Always the life and soul of a party, and certaintly not depressed... then BANG!! panic attack. I seriously did not think it could happen to me. In a way I wanted it to be something else. I kind of convinced myself it was something serious, because this sort of stuff doesnt happen to people like me. However after reading about it, I see it can.

I have the same problem with the heart thing, feeling dizzy. My job is a very labour intensive job and the last few months I have been working on about 60% energy of what I used too. I wouldnt want to go to the gym feeling like this. So I can only imagine what it's like rugby training. You on meds?


i no its realy weird isn't it that's what I have done convinced my slef theres something wrong lol always feeling my heart and the same here I like a drink and a laugh but then all of a sudden ill just feel spaced out of somekind and the rugby training is fine wants a forget about feeling my heart and stuff I feel normall for a while until I stop and I was on triazapine but came off them pal


hi john i know how you feel love i suffer the same chest pains tightness and i hate the feelings of your heart its as though its coming out of your chest and i get dizzy spells and off balance alot i know its hard i am on citalalopram at moment and like you have good days when occupied and some bad days dont stop what your doing my gp said to try and face your fears bit by bit hope you ok xxx


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