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Have you ever?

Have you ever suffered a panic attack,

One that rings right through your brain?

Have you ever had your world fall down,

And rack through your body with pain?

Have you ever felt like you're drowning,

Even though you're breathing in air?

Have you ever felt many eyes upon you,

When there's not a soul out there?

Have you ever felt completely terrified,

That if you step out your door you'll die?

Have you ever shut all your curtains,

Too afraid to look at the sky?

Have you ever collapsed in a heap,

At the thought of opening a letter?

Have you ever got sick of hearing,

"buck up thing's will get better"?

Have you ever been too afraid to talk,

Too afraid of that look in their eyes?

Have you ever instead looked right at them,

And put on your clever disguise?

Have you ever judged someone,

Laughed and pointed and shamed?

Have you ever looked down your nose,

And thought they are to be blamed?

Have you ever considered their problems,

To be fake because you cannot see?

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself,

What if this happened to me?

Anxiety is not a fake illness,

It seriously affects your brain.

It maims, it kills, it closes you off,

Your ignorance covers you in shame.

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Thats so true , did you write this ? , all the words I relate to , Thank you for putting this on the site





Brilliant poem. Well done.



That is so true. I can relate to that.



Great work.




omg so true that def hits home what a superb explanation it needs to be for all the world to see maybe then those who dont suffer may not be so ignorant to all us lovies on here well done :) xxxx


Thanks everyone :) feel free to copy n paste, just say it's by Nomies lol xx


This says everything! So so true... Song lyrics to my life. Thanks for posting :) xx


This is just wonderful words of truth, explains where my head is at present thankyou



Im loving this poem. So true :-)


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