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Do you ever feel like 2 different people?


Have you ever felt like one minute you're yourself you are happy and not anxious at all you may even tell yourself nothing is wrong with you and you hate the fact people are trying to help and feeling sorry when you're fine and the next minute you are a nervous wreck who wants all the help in the world! Why is this? When I'm feeling more myself i feel like why have I done this to change my life? Do you ever have this?

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At one time or another we have all felt like you,and the reason is anxiety it is a sneaky beast that creeps up on us just when were feeling good.You have to get used to it before you can beat it.I know it takes time but I'm sure you will be able to do it.

Take care Kenny xx

PinkCookie in reply to Hidden

Thankyou Kenny! A great help I hate feeling like this xx

Right now. All day long I've felt ok and happy. Now I feel shaky, my arm is numb, racing thoughts, labored breathing, and don't feel right at all. I detest it.

PinkCookie in reply to me81

Just like me :( its horrible wish I could just be me the whole time!xx

I just want to be happy again. All the time.

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