i think there should b more social awareness !!!

if anyone dissagrees please feel free 2 say something but i belive there is not enough awareness on mental issues ,and not enough help ,after all we all know how dibilitating these conditions can b and at worst life threatening !! i wish i could start an awareness group 2 educate people , im just wondering if people think its a good idea ! i just dont want 2 go down with out a fight and belive the more people know about these things the more we can help each other ! plz feel free 2 message me what u think ??? or if im wrong ,thanks XXXX


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  • I think you are so right. I have just been saying to my OH that now i come across someone with mental health issues i will be much more tolerant. If it wasnt for this site i would have prob gone a long time ago. I have just been telling him about you. He hasnt slept for months now and doesnt want to talk to people. Sorry hope you dont mind, He doesnt have internet so i tell him whats been put on here. I do it so he knows he isnt the only one. As for the ignorance a lot of people have said i should walk away from my OH due to this illness. People have no idea what it is like. Defo a good idea. x

  • no no probs thank you lou41 ! ive suffered 4 at least 20 years and im now 35 and have always found the bad stigma surrounding these probs ,most of my youth i was just another problem child ,doctors fobbed me off or just gave me tablets ! well done 4 staying with ur OH i no its not easy ,my wife just kicked me out because she cant put up with my moods ,ive left my 2 small daughters with her so i can try and fight this thing ,i need 2 do something and thought this would b a good idea xxxx well done 2 u xxxx

  • sorry comp playing up thats why i answered twice lol !

  • i totally agree from me suffering no one around thought it was serious and kept telling me to get a grip easier said than done and i know it was awful but i wished they could have it just so they understand how i felt no sympathy or understanding at all and with you lou4 good on you love how cruel and inconsiderate people really all your OH needs love help support and understanding not chucking out like a old toy how insulting they really need a taste of their own medicine people do need to understand us sufferers and stop turning a blind eye to it xxx

  • for 1 i think there should b more support and also a place that enables u 2 recoperate in a relaxed loving atmosphere ,not a psyhc ward where ur left 2 rot !!! support is the key !!! xxxx

  • thing is just because we look ok on the outside nothings wrong ,problem is the problem is internal ,how many people r sent or made 2 work when they really arnt capable ,we all know diffrent situations can cause problems !! i get enough problems with out stepping out the door !!! then add work social stress etc = relapse ,breakdown ,isolation !!!!

  • My bf just left me due to him not understanding why I am like this, he kept telling me that i'm strong and need to change how I think, he accused me of wanting to live like this, I got with him despite the fact that he had type 1 diabetes, I made sure he knew that I didnt see it as a probem, yet when I needed him to be there for me, I wasn't really ill like him, all I needed to do was buck up my ideas yet he was stuck diabetes for the rest of his life, what could I say to that? because it's not a illness that u can see it's obviously not real, I hate that, I hate the fact because I can plaster a false smile on my face or have a good day once in a while I'm not classed as being unwell, why?? How is that right??

  • this is the point im trying 2 make !! i feel when i c the doctor or who ever that im pretending 2 have this problem where the actual fact is its real as real as having a broken leg !!!! plus its not attention seeking like most people think it is a real problem that sociotie would rather brush under the carpet ,my question is why ,plus i bet there is no real statistics of how many people really suffer ,not 4 getting the ones that suffer in silence !!

  • I dont think it's about social awareness tho, It's more about social acceptance, socially there is a huge awareness of mental illness but unfortunately there is no acceptance, The amount of times i've heard the phrase "depressed my a**e, just wants to be on the sick" is unreal, and how are we meant to open up to people with that attitude? U can lead a blind horse to water but u cannot make him drink :(

  • Totally agree. Even the most educated can be shockingly dissapointing when it comes to dealing with those around them who suffer from depression. It can be hard to know how to tacle such ignorance! x

  • so true and that was a point i was getting 2 awareness prob aint what i was getting at acceptance is ,but i know how creul socioty is !!! i belive certain people make my condition worse due 2 their inferiour understanding of these problems at hand !! im just trying 2 make a stand and a difference ,try and inspire people like us 2 c that maybe supporting each other is our greatest medicen and like this website provide a support network maybe !!! : )

  • either way society really does need educating about these problems ,we r human 2 !

  • HERE HERE Lonestar i couldnt agree more and know everyone on here will fully support you xxxx

  • Before I joined this site the other day I had no one other thn my dogs and cats to talk to about how I am feeling, I'd talk to people and friends but it feels like they're sat silently judging me, so I've closed myself off, I have no contact other thn one friend outside of these 4 walls, I cannot get out 1) due to my immobility and 2) down to my anxiety, even talking to someone on the phone makes me physically sick, I can't eat I can't sleep, the only reason I dont go back to bed when my son is at school is because of my animals, because they need feeding ect, I'm even having trouble typing here, i've come over all hot n sweaty and my throat is tight and my head is pounding, I have a large family but none of them are here to help me, I've tried to tell my mum how i'm feeling and all I get is ur strong u'll get thru ... what if I'm fed up with being strong? what if I need someone to help carry me for a while? where's my support and understanding?? It sounds aweful and I apologise now if I offend anyone but I almost wish I had cancer or something as serious because then I would get support by the bucket load ... again sorry if tht offends anyone .... :(

  • i agree totaly ,one thing though u have more friends than u think ,im ur friend as is everyone on here and i will help if i can normies !: ) i dont judge and hear what ur saying so u have my support !

  • my names Allan by the way : )

  • same goes 2 everyone on here xxx

  • Hello Nomies.

    I agree with you about more should be done and people other than here find it difficult to understand exactly what your going through. I have a big family and the eldest of four i am always being told i am strong and can cope. But believe me some days i wear a mask and inside i want to scream. Told a friend the other day who keeps pushing me to return to work you walk in my shoes for a day and tell me how you feel. What people fail to understand that no one wants to wake up in a panic and have anxiety all day look at others and think wish i could achieve that a simple task like out shopping having lunch.

    I find with anxiety i cannot sit still feel uneasy horrible as its ruining my life and i suppose many more people like me.

    Tomorrow i am suppose to be going out for my son-in-laws birthday i keep telling myself you will be fine until tomorrow then i will be flapping.

    I hope you find the support and that family can understand your struggling and need help.

    Wish you all the best :)

    Thank Goodness for this site keeps me sane.

    Take care

    Seyi x

  • I have read these messages, and must agree with all the things that are said, we put on a brave face, and unless aperson has suffered with anxiety and apanic attack, also agoraphobia, they just do not understand what it is like, People say to me ¬ Oh you are looking fine, but little do they know what I am feeling like.I have been on Meds for over forty years, I have suffered from a child at school, and given children money not to hit me, believe me, I am so scared of life, I sometines lie in bed, as this feels my safe place.I am not able to stay alone at any time, and now my husband has Altizheimer, so you can tell how worried and the tears I shed. I am also on Cipralex, and one time a doctor actually threw a drugs book at me, and said choose your own meds. He took me off SEROXAT without any weaning at all, You can tell how I felt for weeksI am afraid of life, Love Lindenlea.

  • either way im starting a group even if ive got 2 do it from my bedroom ! even if i have 2 take it 2 the doors of doening st !

  • that was ment 2 b downing st ,from little acorns big trees grow !

  • thank you all 4 ur comments means alot ,better start getting a plan in 2 action ! lou41 if u ever need a chat im there ,same 4 anyone : ) xxx

  • yes i know ,a good friend of mine rourri i havent heard from him in long time,shame i would like 2 know how he is !! hope ur ok ? thanks again lou41

  • I am ok thanks for asking. Just wish people didnt have to go through this blasted thing. Not fair. I hope you are ok. let us know how you get on with the awareness campaign. Behind you all the way. x

  • i will and thank u and everyone 4 their support ,if i manage it just know i wouldnt have been able 2 without ur help ,u guys have given me the motivation 2 do something good and possible help those with no voice ,ur all the best !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : )

  • If???? i am sure with the motivation you will do it. x

  • Theres not enough hlp 4 mental illness, ive had a hard time trying 2 find hlp so im now on my own coping wiv a really bad nervous brkdwn, was undwr the crisis team 4 3mnths but discharged me bcause i wasnt gettin anywere wiv the meds, meds dnt cure every1, they refered me 4 cbt but havnt heard anythin + since the crisis team lft i hav gone a lot worse + think suicide is the only awnser. dnt think im gonna b able 2 do cbt in this state. the mental hlrh system is a joke were i live, live in a crap hole of a twn thats very under privelidged + theres nothin 2 do, the mental hlrh system is so streched ere but its no exuse 2 lve people like my slf in such a distressin + debilitatin state. i think its briliant that ur tryin 2 hlp wiv this. they used 2 b groups were i live but goverment fundin as seen 2 that. hope u get somwere wiv this. kindest regards leeanne.

  • Lonestar I think what you have suggested is fab! I for one am fed up of being told to buck up my ideas, change the way I think ect....

    If I had a broken leg people wouldn't tell me to leave my crutches there and walk normal!!!

    Anxiety is such a frustrating illness, and people need educating on how debilitating it can be!

    I agree with you on this one lonestar, good on you!


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