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Meds thinking of trying quite life or rescue flower remedy ( but only as a last resort )

Ok just want to ask do any of you take meds I do not at the moment I hope that I can cope without them I'm a little paranoid the thought of it scares me to be frank I was given quite life and flower remedy has any one tried this and found them good or not last thing I want is to feel of my head at the moment in fact I can't drink I feel awful when I do

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Ok thanks x be happy x


Will they make me feel strange


Hi Bigguy

i am like you & have a fear of meds but I think I am my own worse enemy on that one

Just like perscrition meds , same with herbal , can be trial & error ,,,,what works for one may not work for another

Everyone has there own views on this with their own experiences , if you want to try herbal , your local herbal shop would be a good place to ask what is good ,they should point you in the right direction

If that doesnt work you could give it some thought about perscription meds , lots on here do take them & feel so much better for doing so

Let us no what you choose to do if any , people will support you on here with your fears so keep that thought as a positive , you wont be on your own if you do try something





I've posted this before but hope it might help.

when I was well I was so laid back I was coming round the other way! The last thing I thought I'd need were anti-depressants.

My gp told me I wasn't a diabetic.

He then asked if I were would I take Insulin? I said yes.

Well, he said, you are lacking another body chemical, an imbalance; will you take a supplement?

When I agreed he told me it was an anti-depressant because of low seratonin levels.

What a genious! put that way it made such sense. it still does.

please don't be put off by old beliefs, they can help. it is not weakness,

regards, sandra


im on propranolol 80mg a day and i find it works really well better than taking no medication at all and isnt mind altering like antidepressants


Well thanks to all. my RMN said that she feels I'm coping without so if this mild then flip I hope your not feeling any worse than me but I do seem to be breathing threw the panic attacks but have had a few this week and we see how I am in 2 weeks if she felt I needed meds she would have done so she think I'm better doing it my self at this moment . as I type on here I just want to get better and if I do I will not just walk away I will come on here and help others as I think this does help loads thanks and my name is Stuart with a wonderful wife 3 kids who I love very much

Thanks again


I will bare that in mind if I need them thanks


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