Is going to bed a bad thing when your completely tired with anxiety and panic attacks i.e. is rest good or not

I've been hitting work hard with a massive commitment with our show

I run a drama school and we have a show next week feel very dizzy with stress had a panic attack last night have come to my bedroom to chill doing breathing and relaxing but still need to carry on with the show I had burn out after Xmas (first time ) happened after cooking for 14 xmas day then day after Boxing Day burn out I was in bed then with flue to top it off almost 2 weeks never felt so helpless in my life just wanted to share this as I am still feel so disconnected will I ever feel normal again any advise started walks and doing breathing I am aware that I am suffering from anxiety and stress thanks


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  • Hello, going to bed isnt a bad thing its a good thing. Anxiety physically drains you, especually during panic attacks. With the stress and lack of sleep youre going through at the moment its bound to trigger panic attacks. This is why resting is good, if i havent slept enough i find my anxiety is worse. My advice would be to continue the relaxing and breathing and try your best to get your sleep. Early nights if possible and do your deep breathing whilst heading off to sleep :). X

  • *especially

  • Thankyou so much that's good advise thanks

  • Yes,getting to sleep or just rest is a great thing,it's like topping up your energy .

    Walking is another very good thing,I do a lot of walking,lets you think calmer and I think it helps work through problems,bet you will feel good next week when the show is over and went great

  • I sympathise with you. I get the 'dizzies' too. If I try to do too much, I become overwhelmed. I have been trying to get on with my life, do the things I used to enjoy, basically trying not to avoid doing things but try to challenge my anxiety but it wears me out. I'm lucky, most of the time I sleep well and top up with a relaxation/nap during day. This week has been a challenge. This is the first time I have posted on a forum regarding my anxiety. It helps and reassures me to know others experience the same. Be gentle with yourself.

  • Ou thanks your words are so kind we have sold all our tickets for the show I should feel happy but all my thoughts are well just getting threw the next week . I've been using apps on my iPad relax plus I've found great what are your feelings on this and I do not take any meds feel very scared about using meds even when friends say they won't make you feel strange opinions would be helpfully x thanks again to all of you

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