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Idk if this is a combo of anxiety and stress or not

I temporarily lift and load boxes for a living, so I'm prone to getting injuries I've never experienced before. I also attend college, which really stresses me out because I want to do great in college but my job is causing me to fall behind. I was at work and I got this sharp pain in the left side of my chest. But it went away quickly. It happened the next day when I was on my way to take an important Chem exam but it was milder. My chest and arm began to cramp the next day. The cramping in my left arm seemed to calm down as I went to sleep. I put ice on my chest and my arm and I used Epsom salt, which helped a lot. The cramping has stopped but im getting tingling sensations in my toes, hands and sometimes my back. If I scratch my skin, it'll burn. I've checked my pulse multiple times to see if I'm heart rate is okay. This scared me because I thought I was having a heart attack but I heard that's unusually for a 19 year old, who doesn't have any heart related health problems. The tingling will go away if I move the area or change positions. Sometimes it'll last for some minutes then stop. I also get mild shooting pains in my ankle up to my knee. When I was falling asleep just a minute ago, I tried to move my neck but couldn't. It kinda felt like sleep paralysis. I'm scared because idk what this is and my mom is tired of me convincing myself that something is wrong with me. Does anyone get these symptoms or have an idea about what causes them?

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As your job involves lifting have they or have you been trained in the correct way to bend when lifting etc because when lifting so much we should be taught the correct way to do it to prevent any injuries or the problems you seem to be suffering from through lifting

It sounds like this could be the nature of your job that is causing this as yes you are slightly young to have heart problems , I would go and talk with my Doctor though , show them where you keep getting the pains etc , let them examine you and see what they say , you may need some time of work , you may want to think about looking for a different kind of job , but get checked over and then you can think about what you need to do that will be best for you :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks! I took a bath in Epsom salt and that helped a lot

I'm so sorry you have these things. One thing you definitely want to check is whether or not you've taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic within the last year. I had these kinds of symptoms and the culprit was this. We don't necessarily put the symptoms together with the pills because the affects can be delayed. So please check to see if you have, and if so, it's very important that you not take any more of that class of antibiotics ever. Feel free to write back if it does turn out to be that, as there are sites full of very good, helpful info.

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Thanks! I haven't taken any of those drugs. I usually don't take antibiotics unless I'm really sick or for my allergies which only act up during spring

Okay good. Make sure you don't take any cipro or avelox, Levaquin, etc, that class is not good. I'm glad you haven't. This way you don't have to worry about tearing tendons, etc, while you work. I hope you get to the bottom of it and feel better soon.

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