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Had a very stressfull day ,my tummy still not right ,then a dreadfull smell coming from the rads upstairs had a right do with the councill who won't come out and sort it for 3wks ,the smell is dreadfull,so then my asthma kiked off ,still not settled yet though my obs r fine,so can't have my rads on,it's not too cold though,il try and get in with the doc tomoz ,I'm tired of this now,I'm sure stress has caused this ,coz my tummy was ok wen I got up ,but then it's gone to pot now,feel so on edge

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Hi meg

Oh I am sorry about your radiators & the council are rubbish at times !

Have you told them how old you are , about your health & that the smell is so bad you are now having to go without heating

Or could you ask for a number & tell them you want to complain !!!!

When ever I am anxious I always end up with a bad stomach , I am sure you are right about getting up & it been ok & then the stress you have been through & now your stomach is upset that it will be your anxiety

I hope you feel better tomorrow & if you can phone the council again & complain !

Let us no how you go on at the doctors

Hope you get a good nights sleep :-)





Thanks love yes I will love ,xxxx


Yes iv noticed that too bev,my tummy allways seems to suffer 1st xxx


Got it sorted bev xxx


Theyv said should it happen again they will replace the rads xxx


Hi Meg.

Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Sounds like you have a pretty crap council try and get your doc to gee them up you being asthmatic and needing heating.


Yes ur right ther kenny ,earlier this yr it took them 3wks to repair my loo,it's a good job it's not too cold at the moment or else I would be in trouble,


Threaten the council that you will take your story to the local paper. No-one should be without heat at this time of year in the UK. It could turn really cold.Shame on them. Try and keep warm. Julie xx


I was thinking along those lines love,I have got it sorted ,thank god.i finIally flipped and went off on one,phew that felt good,got a result,.yaaay


Great result....hope you are as snug as a bug now.. Julie xx


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