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Hope everyone is ok

Hi everyone it's been a day since I had it confirmed that my heart is fine which means I have had a day of facing the fact it's anxiety. So far so good when I've had random pain in chest I haven't got panicked as I have told myself its not my heart ill be ok! My Pelvis problem is really bad at moment and i know being stressed makes it worse so i need to keep being calm.Hope everyone has had a good day and gets a good night sleep xxx

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Good for you , keep them thoughts , you have had the all OK now , so dont let the anxiety feed the fear , keep telling it to go away





Congratulations on your good news, I am awaiting the results of mine too and I am now starting to think that my pains are all to do with my anxiety.


I am glad your mind has been put at rest about your heart. I am 66 and after a really frightening panic attack was admitted to hospital. After a week of every test you can imagine, doctors and consultants assured me my heart was fine. One of the most difficult things to accept about anxiety/depression is that it can have so many physical affects on your body even though they are all so well documented by experts. I have finally come to terms that I am going to have some of these symptoms and not to worry so much about them. As a result I feel I am beginning to make progress, in fact I have just had three of the best days I have ever had since all this started. I will not get too complacent but I am determined that with the help of my doctor, my family and friends I will come through this.


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