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Has anybody had Kalms tablets?

Hi everyone,

It's the big day for my flight tomorrow to Amsterdam. Although I am feeling good at the moment I had a few jitters last night (anxiety is a clever sod. all seeing all knowing!) Ideally I am hoping I can just get on the plane and get through the slight worry without taking anything, but just to be sure I was contemplating buying a small pack of Kalms tablets. Has anybody tried these? I did have these when I was younger for a few days but I can't remember the effects as it was so long ago.


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Hi, when i went through my worst spell of anxiety i tried them but i cant really say for sure whether they made a difference or not. I think they did take the edge off things a bit but theyre only a herbal remedy. It wont harm you to take them if you want to try them out :) but Anxiety is in your own control, its very fustrating but you have to keep reassuring yourself that your anxiety wont harm you and try not to let it get in the way of your life. Distraction techniques are key, keeping your mind occupied so you dont think about anxiety, and take deep breaths to keep your breathing rate calm. Try think of the positives, listen to a motivating song, make this plane journey to amsterdam your challenge and feel so good about yourself once you've achieved it :)! The worst thing that will happen is you will panic, and although thats unpleasant it won't put you in any danger :) you'll be fine and show anxiety who's boss ! X


Hi DeeDee thank you for this. You are right. To be honest I am feeling great today and I think I am just trying to cover every avenue in case I do have a full blown panic attack, but with the way I am feelng at the moment I am fine. At night I find it is the worst as my mind has time to wander. I'm focusing on being excited about the trip, I think it's just a worry at the back of my head that might not become a reality. I could even get on the plane and not even have a niggle...that would be nice :)!

Thank you for the positive post.




You could have gone to GP they may have given you something just for the flight ,,,people that dont suffer with anxiety but have a fear of flying often get something from GP to help but if you just want herbal then I have had Kalms before , i remember they made me feel drowsy , felt a bit hung over next day , but i have a quick reaction to meds , they certainly wont harm you , as you no if you were taking any other meds though its best to ask your GP , otherwise it would not harm you to try them

You are going to have a fantastic hol , with lots of special memories , we will all be with you on that flight ;) dont forget our post card





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