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Has anyone had these anxiety symptoms?!

I had a panic attack about two weeks ago

Although I've been very calm and relaxed after that

I feel very lightheaded and faint also kind of foggy 24-7. It's very weird

All the Tests came back normal.

Was wondering if anyone has felt like this

And any success stories please!?!?

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Been feeling this way for weeks. I know it's just anxiety but it is really getting old..


How are you handling it?

Have you noticed lights or sunlight makes it worse?

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I'm just trying to get through it I heard you can take supplements to help but don't want to put anything else in my system at this time. I am 6 weeks in to lowering my dose of lexapro from 20mg to 10mg and all though the withdrawals symptoms were getting better I feel a set back this week.. ugh


What are your symptoms???



I am in the exact same situation.

I had a panic attack 6 weeks ago and have had all the things you mentioned 24/7.

I am starting to have good daystuff which is great.

No quick fixes though unfortunately.

It's great you know it is anxiety causing this. That's the first step. I am meditating daily and eating more healthy.

There's a million things you can do that will help but just take your time and don't over do it.

It will get better. The first few weeks I thought I was dying and was sure I had a tumor or something else wrong with me.

You will be fine and it will get better.

Take care and keep in touch.


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Thanks Pete. I'm glad to hear someone in the same situation.

I was wondering how do you do your daily activities and if you take any meds?

Are you working currently??


Hi Sam,

No medication as my therapist says it should ever a last resort. Anyways medication doesn't actually fix anything it just numbs some of the effects of anxiety but in most cases introduces other issues.

I'm really learning as I go here as this is all so new to me. First thing is to educate yourself. Read up on anxiety and how it can affect you. This is a huge step and helped me a lot as when things start to happen you can reason with yourself and understand what's happening and thus helps keep things somewhat controlled.

I am working currently and to be honest I have wanted to quit. Today I am thinking of just quitting and leaving it all but I know this wont fix anything. Instead I just take each say as it comes. For a few hours I might be 99% ok with just some fog and the next minute I won't be able to walk to a certain part of my office as it's all just too much. When this happens I just find a quiet place for a few minutes and let the feelings pass and if it is too much then I just don't do it.

Try meditating. I use headspace which is free for the first month. I just finished the introduction 30 days and I'm hooked.

There is no quick fix unfortunately. Even medication can take up to a month to start working.

My only honest advice that I can give is to understand, accept and get on with your life a day at a time. There is nothing physically wrong with you and everything you are feeling is the physical effects of your mind being overly anxious. Rest up, if you can take a solid week from work then do it and do nothing but relax and read.

Acknowledge you have anxiety. Don't fight it. Just acknowledge it and leave it where it is. No resistance. The more you push against it the more it will effect you.

I hope this helps. I am still getting almost 24/7 head fog but I am better than I was a month ago and hopefully I will keep getting better and I hope you start to see results soon.

Stay in touch.



Yes Pete I totally understand

Also do you notice lights or the sun make it worse for you??

If it's a sunny day and I go out

It just makes me feel lightheaded and faint and stuff.


The first week or so I did get that but not any more.

Now all I want to do is stay inside. But this isn't good as whenever it's time to go out my anxiety flares up.

Your best just to try and go about your life as normal and accepting that it will be hard but nothing will happen and the more and more this is done the more you will go back to normal.


Yes every time I try to to Walmart or a store

Or even drive in the sunlight

I feel very faint. I wasn't able to drive the first week

But now it's the second week and I drive time to time

Took about 3 weeks off from work because my job is mostly on the road.

This has happened 2 years ago before and it took me about 3 'months to get fully Normal. Up and running

Hopefully this time takes less


I hope so for you as well.

It's great, in a way, that you've been through the this before as you know deep down that you will be better and it's just a big jolt in the body that needs a bit of time to get better.

Here's hoping that you are 100% by Feb :)


Haha I hope so as well!!

Talking to someone who's going through the same thing, makes me feel a bit better.

I've been to the ER twice and my pcp everyone's said anxiety over and over again. And just wants to put me on meds.

I just don't want to get on any unless it's really necessary.


You are right make sure you try everything else before you get on medication . I am on lexapro and at times it has saved my life but now trying to get off it is literally hell!


I wish you luck

Getting off medication can be a hassle. Just hang in there

It'll be worth it at the end!! :)


Thanks sam007 I hope so! These withdrawal symptoms suck I am hoping to stabilize on the 10 for awhile before I try going down again. Have you ever Gotten off medication before?


I have taken Ativan for maybe a week this year

And a week or so about 2 years ago.

It's all mental to get off

Just stay focused and say u don't need it.

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I'm trying hard I have xanax to take if it gets to bad but I don't like to take it unless I absolutely need it. I have used 2 in the last 2 month so that's not bad. I just hate all this extra anxiety I am getting. Good luck to u as well!


My doctor was trying to put me on anti depressants as well but I refuse to take this

Because of the awful side effects.

I'm going to a different doctor soon

Just to get a new plan and maybe a new answer.

I am recovering daily. Just very slowly.

And definitely @ cares179 2 in 2 months is not bad at all. I was wondering are you also working and if you have any kind of light sensitivity?


Yes I am working everyday through this. I do not have light sensitivity but have noise sensitivity. My husband has light sensitivity when his anxiety is high.


Does he get panic attacks because of all that?? And if so how many do you guys get in a week?


No I don't think he does. I am having a horrible day just got back from the store and had a breakdown! I just sobbed in my husbands arms. I have been so strong trying to get thu this but today I had more anxiety than I have in a couple weeks and am getting scared that this will never go away. I know it's still withdrawals but it's still scary and I hate letting my daughter see me this way. My husband til her I was sad and had anxiety and she gave me a hug and said it's ok everybody gets sad once in awhile. I just sobbed more I love her so much I just don't want this to traumatized her.


I'm sorry you are feeling this way

Because I am the same way today as well!

Just trying to control myself and trying to stay positive once again.

I was about to leave the house and I had a panic attack

Felt very lightheaded and faint. Tried to control it without any meds.

Just relaxing now.

This really sucks :(


I know why must we feel this way😥


Have you ever had panic attacks?? :(


Yes I have and they are super scary! I haven't had one in a while though


Your so lucky :(.

Did you ever have a time

Where you got them occasionally

Or what's the most you've had?


After I had a miscarriage I had them everyday 24/7 for weeks until I went back on lexapro. It was the worsed and scariest time in my life couldn't breath pacing the the house constantly high anxiety burning thru my whole body and Llosa 25lbz in like 5 weeks had to go on gmla till the pills kicked in.


I see all these people in the store and I'm like why can't I feel normal again like them? But maybe someone is looking st me like that not knowing the turmoil going on inside.

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Yes I know what you mean!

But in reality More people are suffering this Then we know it

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so you got addicted to the medication/ wasn't your doctor keeping a close eye on you? I hope you feel better soon


Yes. Many times! I take one 5 mg Valium for almost instant relaxation. But. I'm only given in small amounts. As they are addictive. Try relaxation techniques. Phone apps. Breathing techniques. It's tough to beat anxiety and I have not yet been successful. There are other mess you could try. Venlafaxine. But discuss all with your doctor.


Thank you susieanna

How long do these episodes tend to last??


I meant other medication you can take; they don't all have side effects, you would need to find the right one for you; but of course, its your choice; i guess a panick attack could last 20 minutes, maybe even more; but i don't let it get to that stage/ or i try not to; i have had to get off buses/ trains/ sit on the pavement ; try some techniques and see how you get on. Mindfulness has been recommended too.


We'll update. I was slowly recovering

Until I had a panic attack just earlier and felt very disconnect and foggy. Also very lightheaded with head pressure


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