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Only 2 days left until the big test!

I think recently I posted a blog saying how I was facing my irrational fear of flying that developed with my anxiety...Friday is the big day!

My way of facing it has been to forget that I am even going on a plane. I'm chopping that bit out and imagining myself in Amsterdam and all the things I'll be doing there. I fully believe in mind over matter and I am hoping I can prove this theory right. So far, I haven't had the horrific images that I would have had previously. I have noticed I have been getting a little bit 'tetchy' over nothing specific the past few days, which I am sure is the worry raising it's head in its own little way, but I'm determined to enjoy my trip and keep thinking positively. This is as much for my partner as it is for me as my anxiety really put our life on hold for around year. I have asked my partner to leave me to it, not to keep asking me if I am OK, not to keep looking at me to re-assure himself that I'm fine, I've asked him to treat it as a normal day. I also keep watching small flight videos on Youtube to hear the noises and see the views so it's not unexpected when I get on the plane. So far so good!! :) Wish me luck! xxx

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Best of luck, have a great time and let us know how much fun you have had when you get back.

Trip x


Thank you Trip. Your username is well suited to my Blog :)

It's nice to feel a twinge of excitement instead of absolute dread. Fingers crossed I come back with a happy blog!



Enjoy it , I am sure once you are there it will be fantastic :-)





You will manage... I did, and, thoroughly enjoyed the flight!


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