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Seriously Freaking out today!

Have been pretty much anxiety free for good 6-7 months, due to lots of hard work and determination from amazing councellors/psychotherapists etc. Then its back!? Today, especially, I am exhausted! it started with little niggle last sat (over a week ago) which I just ignored, then that one has turned in to 3 & 4 a day already! I really cannot go through it all again, Im so confused as to why its come back? Will the rest of my life be like this? I am on 25, and started with it when I was 17/18.

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Ah luv i know how you feeling i am feeling same so low at moment tired and sooo fed up with them and i am same thought it was just me having 2 3 or 4 a day they tire you out are you taking any meds for yours? ? I am just counting on the great people on here to help me through it xxx


Hi Tintin,

I understand your frustration. You have a moment in time when you think you've beat it and it will never come back and then BAM! you're sitting watching TV and your heart starts pounding for no reason. what's frustrating I think is the fact that you have no idea it's going to happen, you have no control. However I have noticed that each time it rears its head I can handle it so much better. I've gone from full blown attacks where I feel like I am dying, to getting up and washing the dishes through my 'mini episodes'. I think I have accepted that it will always be there in different forms.



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