Feeling the pressure today

had a terrible day yesterday with my panic attacks and felt tired all day today i feel so fown and so tired and depressed from trying to fight these fears all the time why do i feel like i am unable to control my own body and thoughts i cant seem t get this out of my head just cry cry and cry i really need some help and dont know where to turn xx


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  • Hi, love, when I first started I read a book called "Living with IT" by Bev Aisbett. It's fab and in comic book style so v easy to read when you can't be bothered with much. I think it's still available on Amazon.

    It does get better. You won't always feel like this.



  • Ah thanks luv i am just so sick of getting them everyday is this normal to feel this way i feel down all the time and constantly worrying about the next and next one which is mentally draining me and the depression is awful will have a look for book i feel like i am the only one feeling like this even tho i know its not true just want to be better for my children thankyou luv xxx

  • Things will get better , just doesnt seem like it sometimes when you are going through it

    Everything you say is normal when you are feeling this way

    Have you seen your GP if not then it would be a good idea if you have then maybe go back & see them again

    You are not the only one that has ever felt this bad , you feel like you must be , but that is not the case , as when you look on the blogs there are so many of us felt/feeling the same way

    Take comfort from the ones that are improving & there are lots that are ;)




  • Ah thanks hun you are all making me feel so much better knowing its not only me its just hard when your alone and no one to talk to or they just dont seem to understand i am so glad i can talk to you all it makes me believe i will get better at some point thanks hun hope you having a good day thanks for listening xxx

  • Do your best everyday , get on here & blog when you need to , you are not alone & someone will always reply , little steps , you will get there ;)



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