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For over a year now I have been suffering with Anxiety. Now, I have been looking for many answers online to how and why Anxiety is brought on.

I have tried to find out ways to cope or illiminate Anxiety and found some really interesting resources e.g. Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Chakra balancing etc.

I would like to know has anyone else found any of the resources I mentioned above useful?

And also, if you are suffering with Anxiety. Have you tried to overcome it? Basically how has your experience been so far.

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Hi Topstarr

Every one on here has the same goal to over come anxiety & depression

I have never tried the things you have mentioned but as people see your post some may answer that have

If you look through the blogs on here , you will see how every ones experience has been & still is , you might find this helpful

Keep posting




Hi topstar I have suffered Panic/Anxiety for over 35yrs and any symptom you think no-one else has WRONG we all have the Demon inside waiting to pounce,

There does not have to be a trigger. We can be on top of the world,laughing having fun with friends and BANG here it comes. Even smells have triggered my Panic Attacks.I have had 2 courses of CBT, brilliant therapy! I have worked full time until 2011 when I retired at 60. during all those years I kept so much to myself ,as telling someone you have Panic Attacks automatically gives them the idea you will run around screaming at the first sign of the slightest bit of trouble. There are a lot of people on this sight like me who have highly resposible jobs.

As whywhy said , Do look at our blog, there are lots of great caring people waiting to listen and support you



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